Living Our Promise

The Strategic Plan for Gettysburg College

As we begin our strategic planning process, in a time of both unique challenges and opportunities, the question before Gettysburg College is one we have asked since our founding nearly two centuries ago: how do we best prepare our students for the world that awaits? The answer is not found in a radical reconceptualization of who we are as Gettysburgians. Rather, it is found in reinforcing and building upon our institutional strengths.

At its heart, Living Our Promise is about inspiring our students to lead lives of meaning, service, and consequence—and then showing them how to do so. Our strategic plan will advance this essential work and marry the excellence of our rigorous liberal arts and sciences education with a more integrated and intentional student experience.

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Watch the President’s address

Living Our Promise

President Bob Iuliano delivering the “Living Our Promise” address

Video from the October 29 “Living Our Promise: A Prelude to the Strategic Plan” event (read President Iuliano’s remarks). You can also watch this video on YouTube.

Objective and guiding principles

Through our next strategic plan, we will reimagine our programs (who we are and what we do), our structures (how we do it), and our resources (how we support it). Our planning process will produce a framework of priorities that will guide the work of the College for the next several years and will inform choices for our next fundraising campaign.

The strategic plan will also allow Gettysburg College to respond to the evolving and increasingly challenging environment for institutions of higher education, including demographic changes resulting in increased competition for talented students; a growing interest among students and families for practical skills and outcomes; a stressed financial model; and the need to align revenue and resources, among other prominent considerations.

The strategic planning process will be anchored by four guiding principles:

  1. The development of a robust, relevant, and integrated academic and co-curricular student experience.
  2. A commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging.
  3. Graduating students who are ready to make an impact.
  4. Improving our distinction, market position, and financial sustainability.

Planning overview

Structure of the planning process - See ‘Text description of diagram’ below for image information
Planning process and the Pillars (view large version)

Why now?

Gettysburg College is at a unique juncture in its storied history. We have an extraordinary confluence of factors that, when purposefully integrated, offers the promise of improving the student experience and the institution’s distinction and market position in a special way.

1. Strategic plan

The College’s existing strategic plan, The Unfinished Work, expires at the end of the academic year. Our new strategic plan has the potential to attract the most talented students to our campus and, ultimately, prepare them in tangible ways for their personal and professional lives.

2. Curriculum

We are beginning a comprehensive review of the Gettysburg College curriculum. This represents the first review of this scope in 16 years.

3. Accreditation

Our planning for the College’s next Middle States accreditation cycle will start next year.

4. Fundraising campaign

Gettysburg College will soon begin planning for a comprehensive fundraising campaign. The campaign will properly focus on the programmatic ideas that emerge from our new strategic plan, as well as advancing ongoing commitments such as access through financial aid, generating resources to support innovation and excellence in teaching and scholarship, and more.

5. Priorities and our path forward

Mindful of the challenges and opportunities before Gettysburg College, President Iuliano will set into motion an institutional process to define the institution’s priorities and path forward.