A Consequential Education

What is A Consequential Education at Gettysburg College?

At Gettysburg College, we provide our students with A Consequential Education.

A Consequential Education is one that guides students to gain greater insight into themselves, their passions, and their aspirations to leave the world better than they found it.

From our unique sense of place that grounds us in the enduring charge of President Abraham Lincoln, to our hardworking students, faculty, and staff who are innately inspired to Do Great Work, and our experiential approach to learning, we believe in the lasting impact of a Gettysburg College education. It is in each member of our community that A Consequential Education shines every day—in their hearts and through the great work they do—from Gettysburg onward.

Students walking away from Penn Hall
The Class of 2025 marks the start of their consequential education by proceeding through Pennsylvania Hall during Convocation. Read President Bob Iuliano’s remarks from the ceremony.

It begins on day one. During Convocation, our first-year students walk through the College’s historic Pennsylvania Hall and are embraced as integral parts of this special community. Four years later, during Commencement, these same students walk back through these hallowed halls as graduates, proudly carrying their consequential education with them—and it stays with them.

This sense of place, the close-knit community, and the experiences gained at Gettysburg forever remain interwoven in the fabric of a Gettysburgian.

It’s our promise.

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A Consequential Education

Statue of Abraham Lincoln with hand written text

“A Consequential Education enriches the mind, deepens the heart, and strengthens the capacity to act.”

Aerial view of Gettysburg Colleges campus in the Fall

A consequential place rooted in history

There is not a more inspiring or significant place for a student to be during their formative college years than Gettysburg, Pa. Our students and faculty live and work every day in the echo of the “unfinished work” Lincoln spoke of during his ever-relevant Gettysburg Address—the work he charged us to complete. Furthermore, we leverage our proximity to major cities of influence, including Washington, D.C., to advance the new work of our time. Learn more about our history and what makes attending college in Gettysburg so special.

Students sitting and studying on steps outdoors

A community of consequential people

Gettysburg College attracts students and community members whose actions are inspired by a drive to Do Great Work—consequential work. Our community is innately curious and passionate about having an active part in change. There are no bystanders here. Surrounded by faculty who share the same ambitions, and united with their peers in this deep-rooted desire to create a better world, the Gettysburg Network that’s built on campus, extends across industries and around the world. Explore the power of The Gettysburg Network.

Student working in a lab with a white coat

United in a consequential approach

A Gettysburg College education is a powerful integration of a modern liberal arts and sciences curriculum and real-world, co-curricular experiences that puts learning into practical application. Our students aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Whether it be conducting student-faculty research in a lab, digging for historical artifacts on campus, or exploring the inside of a cave, they’re all-in—making connections from the classroom to wherever their studies take them. Learn more about the liberal arts and sciences at Gettysburg College.