Pre-Health Professions Advising

Gettysburg College helps students meet the challenges of planning for and applying to medical school and other graduate programs in the health professions.

In addition to a strong, flexible curriculum and excellent facilities, Gettysburg College provides:

  • Individualized guidance for four years
  • Shadowing, externship, and internship opportunities
  • Affiliations with professional schools

Preparing for graduate school in the health professions within a liberal arts context at Gettysburg College is increasingly valuable because health professions graduate schools demand:

  • Well-rounded students
  • Students trained in critical thinking and problem solving
  • Students demonstrating exceptional communication skills
  • Students with a life-long desire to learn

Getting Started

If you are considering a health professions career, the first thing to do is to complete the Registration Form and turn it in to Kristi Waybright at Campus Box 405. You will then receive e-mail updates and information on a variety of programs, lectures, and other events happening on and off campus.

Guide to Pre-Health Professions