Participant eligibility criteria for NEH Institutes

Participant eligibility criteria for Seminars and Institutes for Higher Education Faculty

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This cartoon is referencing Horace Greeley’s editorial “The Prayer of Twenty Millions” that was published in the summer of 1862. Greeley was critical of Lincoln's moderation, specifically regarding the failure of many generals to execute measures under the Confiscation Act to free contraband slaves.

Seminars and Institutes are designed for a national audience of full- or part-time faculty who teach undergraduate students. Project directors may admit a limited number of others whose work lies outside undergraduate teaching but who demonstrate that their participation will advance project goals and enhance their own professional work.

At least three seminar spaces and at least five institute spaces must be reserved for non- tenured/non-tenure-track faculty members. Two seminar spaces and three institute spaces may be reserved for advanced graduate students.

Participants must be United States citizens, residents of U.S. jurisdictions, or foreign nationals who have been residing in the United States or its territories for at least the three years immediately preceding the application deadline. U.S. citizens teaching abroad at U.S. chartered institutions are also eligible to participate. Foreign nationals teaching abroad are not eligible to participate.

A participant need not have an advanced degree in order to take part in a seminar or institute. Individuals may not apply to participate in a seminar or institute whose director is a family member, who is affiliated with the same institution, who has served as an academic advisor to the applicant, or who has led a previous NEH-funded Seminar, Institute or Landmarks program attended by the applicant. In any given year an individual may apply to a maximum of two projects but may attend only one.

Participants may not be delinquent in the repayment of federal debt (e.g., taxes, student loans, child support payments, and delinquent payroll taxes for household or other employees). Individuals may not apply to participate in a seminar or institute if they have been debarred or suspended by any federal department or agency.

To be considered for selection, applicants must submit a complete application as indicated on the individual seminar or institute’s website.

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An NEH Institute for Higher Education Faculty at Gettysburg College from June 5–18, 2022. Directed by Jim Downs, Gilder Lehrman-National Endowment for the Humanities Professor of Civil War Studies and History.