Academic Standing

Students generally maintain an academic record that will enable them to complete the requirements for graduation in the normal eight semesters. To accomplish that goal, a student needs to achieve at least a 2.00 cumulative average, a 2.00 average each semester, and a 2.00 average in the major field of study by the end of the junior year and during the senior year and to make appropriate progress in acquiring the credits and completing the various requirements for graduation. Students who do not meet these normal standards may be given a warning, placed on academic probation, placed on suspension alert, or, if not making satisfactory progress toward graduation, may be suspended or dismissed permanently from the College.

The student who falls below the following minimum standard is subject to suspension or permanent dismissal: for the first year-1.50 GPA and six course units completed; for the second year-1.80 GPA and thirteen course units completed; for the third year-1.90 GPA and twenty course units completed; for the fourth year-2.00 GPA and twenty-six course units completed; and for the fifth year-2.00 GPA and thirty-two to thirty-three course units completed. First-year students may be suspended after one semester if their GPA is 1.00 or below.

A student on one of the forms of academic warning is permitted to remain at the College as long as the student is making satisfactory progress toward graduation by removing the academic deficiency during the following semesters. Normally, a student may not remain at the College with three consecutive semester averages below 2.00.

While students on warning, academic probation, or suspension alert are permitted to participate in co-curricular activities at the College, they are reminded that their first priority is the academic program and that they must therefore give careful consideration to time commitments and responsibilities associated with co-curricular activities. These students are urged to consult with their faculty advisors and the deans in the Center for Student Success about curricular and co-curricular choices.