Acceptance and Enrollment Deposit Expectations

All acceptances by Gettysburg College are conditional and dependent upon students continuing to do satisfactory academic work through graduation and exhibiting good conduct. Students are required to notify the College immediately if they are suspended or expelled from any school, convicted of any crime, or charged with a felony crime. A student’s acceptance of the official offer of admission indicates that they understand these conditions and accept them.

In order to reserve a place in the class, accepted students submit a non-refundable $500.00 enrollment deposit to the College. The deposit can be posted in the student portal or mailed directly to the admissions office by the deadline indicated on the acceptance letter.

All enrolled students are expected to have received a high school diploma or its equivalent. Final high school transcripts are required to complete the enrollment process. If the College has questions regarding the high school accreditation, the College may contact the appropriate regional accrediting organization for validation.