The Educational Studies Program at Gettysburg College facilitates student inquiry into the nature of education from social, cultural, philosophical, historical, and psychological perspectives and encourages students to pursue collaborative, creative solutions to educational problems framed by careful reflection on the nature of education and teaching, broadly conceived. This statement reflects several core values of the department:

  • We believe that being located within the context of a liberal arts college positions us to provide students with opportunities to learn about education and teaching with uncommon depth and breadth;
  • We believe that disciplined knowledge of an academic field of study provides a foundation for exploration of the world around us and is essential to effective teaching;
  • We believe that the ability to conduct, interpret, analyze, and criticize educational research and claims associated with it is not only essential to effective teaching but also a key responsibility of all citizens in a democracy;
  • We believe that the size and structure of our program enables us to meet the individual needs of students and focus on the development of each student’s leadership potential, positioning them to enact change when they leave Gettysburg;
  • We believe that collaboration with partners in the Center for Public Service and the Center for Global Education, supported by engagement in the local community, enhances the learning experiences we provide by helping students see how education and cultural interaction intersect to bring about social change.