Study Abroad

Any Gettysburg student may participate in one of the Department's study abroad programs, regardless of his or her major. Costs for the affiliated programs are covered by the College's regular tuition and fees, and financial aid is applied to study abroad in these affiliated programs.

Spending a semester or two in another country offers students an invaluable opportunity to:

  • Broaden personal horizons
  • Master the foreign language in its native setting
  • Enhance the professional resumé/transcript
  • Experience a fascinating part of the world!

Majors are required to study abroad but all French students are encouraged to do so as well. In addition to the affiliated programs, the Center for Global Education can provide information about programs offered in collaboration with other colleges.

-The number of courses accepted for credit toward the major is limited to three for those who study abroad for a semester and five for those who study abroad for a year.

-The number of courses taken abroad for credit toward the minor is limited to two.

-All courses taken will count for graduation credit.

Learn more about the Study Abroad programs offered by Gettysburg College.