Major & Minor

Major Requirements

History Major Check Sheet

Requirements for a major in history consist of ten courses.

  • A 100-level world history course
  • A Historical Method course that provides special opportunities for group work and collaborative research
  • At least three courses at the 300 (advanced) level
  • Four courses at the 200 or 300 level, chosen from at least four of the following groups: North American, European, Asian, Latin American, African, Islamic, Comparative History.

View list of 200-300 level History Courses counting towards the History Major Field Distribution Requirements.

View list of First Year Seminars that may be counted as 100-level electives for credit towards the History Major.

View a list of Non-Departmental Courses eligible for credit toward the History Major.

The Capstone Experience: Senior Research Seminar
As a senior, each history major must select a research seminar as the capstone course in the history program.

A selection of senior seminars is offered each year. They provide students with an opportunity to work in small groups with a faculty member in research of a selected topic. Typically, participants are expected to engage in reading, discussion, oral reports, writing of formal papers based on individual research, and critiques of each other's work.

Minor Requirements

History Minor Check Sheet

The minor consists of six courses.

  • No more than two of the courses may be at the 100 level
  • At least two must be at the 300 level, and one of which must be History 300: Historical Method
  • One course may be from the Courses from Other Departments list for the major.
  • No more than one AP or transfer credit may count toward the minor

Minor courses may not be taken S/U.