Interdisciplinary study and integrative thinking are the foundations of a liberal arts education, and essential tools to command in today’s complex world. Our unique interdisciplinary programs encourage you to blaze your own path and let your ideas take flight. We offer specialized programs in each of the following areas:

  • Individual Major program
  • Jewish Studies
  • Peace & Justice Studies (minor)
  • Middle East & Islamic Studies (minor)
  • Public History (minor)
  • Arabic Language Instruction
  • Data Science
  • Civil War Era Studies

The faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies also assists in the coordination of major programs in International & Global Studies, Public Policy, and Cinema & Media Studies, in addition to offering a unique array of courses that address enduring questions in history, literature, religious studies, philosophy, popular culture, and several other fields. If you’re searching for a way to truly maximize your liberal arts experience, IDS is the place for you. After all, IDS is the place for ideas.