International & Global Studies (IGS) is a multi-disciplinary major for students interested in understanding and engaging the world in meaningful ways.  The major aligns with our liberal arts values and includes common expectations and two distinct tracks. 

Common expectations

  • a multi-disciplinary set of core courses in Anthropology, Economics, History, and Political Science
  • a common expectation of study abroad and language learning
  • the rigor of a methods course and senior seminar

Two distinct tracks

  • International Affairs
    • aligns with more traditional International Relations/Foreign Affairs majors at other institutions
    • prioritizes relations between nation-states
    • prepares students for graduate work/professions in Government/Foreign Service and multilateral organizations with its emphasis on Political Science and Economics
  • Global Studies
    • asks students to select a region and theme to focus on (such as global business, global health, social justice and human rights) allowing for some self-design
    • prioritizes global interactions and processes
    • prepares students for a variety of careers including NGOs, relief work, and international organizations and companies

Because the two tracks include some self-design, students must complete an application for the major working closely with one of the faculty members of the International & Global Studies Committee. Applications for the IGS Studies major must be submitted no later than fall of the junior year.

A major in IGS will sharpen your critical thinking, reading, writing, and speaking skills.  It will also enable you to apply a multi-disciplinary and global perspective to issues and policies.

Students who graduate with an IGS major are well prepared to pursue graduate work or bring a global perspective to careers in government service, nonprofits, or the private sector.

Specifics of the IGS major