The Department of Management offers a major in Business, Organizations, and Management (BOM) and a minor in Business, which integrate the study of these important fields into the liberal arts and sciences.

The BOM major offers a dynamic interpretation of business, management, and organizations by utilizing a critical management perspective to better understand their relationship with contemporary society. Students gain not only a solid grounding in the core principles of business, but do so within a framework that extends beyond traditional pedagogical views for studying and teaching business.

The major is anchored in the social sciences, and reaffirms the central role of the liberal arts in studies of business, organizations, and management. Critical thinking, rigorous inquiry, and the acquisition of knowledge are central to the BOM major. The curriculum stresses intellectual boldness, creative problem solving, entrepreneurial thinking, and the practice of socially responsible management. It is an ideal major for anyone aspiring to a management or leadership position in business, government, the nonprofit sector, or any other organizational environment.