At Gettysburg College, we see philosophy as a part of the well-lived life and as a bridge to all intellectual pursuits.  Philosophy is not about memorizing the views of past thinkers; it involves learning to think critically about life’s deepest questions, developing the skills of rational argument and graceful expression, and confronting the world’s challenges in ways that lead to insight, wisdom, and engagement. Philosophy points to the world, examines questions that elude empirical research, and considers the implications of what we know about the world and the human predicament. 

Our classes include a wide range of topics and approaches, and we connect with other disciplines in courses like Philosophy of Art, Ethics & Economic Life, Social & Political Philosophy, the Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Film, and the Philosophy of Science. Our work is usually interdisciplinary; this leads to team teaching with faculty from other departments and offering First-Year Seminars with philosophical themes.