Pre-Health Professions

Learn how to prepare for graduate school in the health professions through engaging pre-health coursework and experiences rooted within a liberal arts and sciences context.

The Pre-Health Professions track at Gettysburg College helps students plan and apply to graduate programs in the health professions, such as medical, dental, nursing, and occupational therapy, through advising and experiential learning opportunities. Gettysburg’s Pre-Health Professions resources support each student seeking a career in the health professions.

Through the Gettysburg Approach, students pursuing their Pre-Health Professions studies build knowledge through a rigorous and contemporary education in the liberal arts and sciences. They hone enduring skills most valued by health professions graduate schools. Additionally, students immerse themselves in meaningful work through the Guided Pathways, including skill-building shadowing, externships, and internship opportunities.

Why consider Pre-Health Professions?

Preparing for graduate school in the health professions within a liberal arts and sciences context at Gettysburg College is increasingly valuable. Health professions graduate schools demand students who:

  • Are well-rounded.
  • Possess a lifelong desire to learn.
  • Possess well-developed critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Demonstrate exceptional communication skills.
  • Are dedicated to service.
  • Possess a deep understanding and a unique perspective to offer within their chosen profession.

Since each career path in the health professions is unique, making the decision to pursue a Pre-Health Professions track in preparation for graduate school encourages you to discover new possibilities in the world of health care. Students who plan their degree program around the health professions become strong applicants for clinical and nonclinical health care fields. You could apply your undergraduate degree from Gettysburg to pursue a career in athletic training, dentistry, medicine, nursing, optometry, occupational therapy, physical therapy, physician assistant studies, public health, or veterinary medicine.

Health Professions advising

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in the health professions have access to a four-year advising program offered by the Health Professions Advisor and the Health Professions Committee.

Health Professions Advisor
Katherine Mattson
Center for Career Development

Learn more about Health Professions advising.

Applying to medical or dental school

The Health Professions Committee . These evaluations are designed to support students in their application to graduate school and offer a well-rounded picture of their candidacy throughout and extremely competitive process. This process prepares them for rigorous education in graduate school.

Students who are in the discovery stage for a career in health professions are encouraged to learn about the common requirements for health profession schools.

Review all the requirements for applying to medical or dental school.

Undergraduate experiential resources

Along with program-specific research opportunities, students gain invaluable experience through the Blood Borne Pathogen Workshop, the Center for Career Engagement, and the Center for Public Service. Through internships, volunteering, and job shadowing, students can acquire the breadth and depth of knowledge and build the enduring skills they’ll need for successful careers in health care.

Pre-Health Professions Club

Gettysburg College supports a Pre-Health Professions Club (PHPC), open to anyone considering a career in the field of medicine or allied health. PHPC works to provide students with unique experiences with health care, including club meetings and discussions, guest speakers, career exploration, volunteer work, and more.

Start your Pre-Health Professions studies

Now more than ever, experienced, well-rounded professionals are needed in the constantly evolving health care industry. By beginning your Pre-Health Professions studies at Gettysburg, you gain a unique perspective shaped by hands-on learning centered around the liberal arts and sciences that you can carry with you to graduate school.

If you’ve been assigned a valid Gettysburg College email address and are ready to begin your health care career journey, start by completing the Health Professions Information Form.


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