If you’re driven to serve or make meaningful changes in public arenas, a Public Policy major can give you the foundation you need. You’ll focus on quantitative and economic analysis and the study of domestic and international institutions that make policy—governments, nonprofits, and international organizations.

Topics include:

  • Problem recognition and articulation
  • Policy development
  • Ethical and legal deliberation
  • Analytic methods and policy impact assessment
  • Economic concepts
  • History

In advanced courses, you’ll focus on policy areas of particular interest to you, working with a faculty coordinator to define your unique course of study. Your capstone seminar will include a formal analysis of a substantial public policy problem, and you’ll gain field experience through a required internship.

Public Policy graduates regularly pursue graduate studies in business administration, economics, environmental studies, health policy and administration, law, political science, psychology, public administration, public policy analysis, social work, sociology, and urban affairs.

Dual major

Use the public policy major as a complement to another field of study. A public policy dual major can give you a rich understanding of policy with the eye of a specialist.

If you’re interested in:

Science policy, you might dual major in Public Policy and Physics

Health policy, you might dual major in Public Policy and Health Sciences or Biology

Family policy, you might dual major in Public Policy and Sociology.