Sociological Research

A vital part of the major in sociology involves learning and practicing the methods of sociological research; we therefore offer a variety of opportunities for students to conduct research. After completing the two required research methods courses, sociology majors utilize those skills by designing and conducting independent research in the capstone seminar. Many students also do independent studies, Honors theses, and collaborate with their professors on new or existing projects.

It is not uncommon for students to co-author research publications or present their work at sociology conferences. And hands-on experience with research gives you a significant competitive advantage when you apply for a job or graduate school.

Some Recent Student Research Projects in Sociology

  • The Americanization of Denmark: Conceptualizing the Globalization of Culture
  • Chinese Identity in Singapore
  • Expectations of Possible Relationships: Romanian Online Personal Ads
  • Exploring the Various Influences of Alcohol Consumption and Drinking Patterns
  • Historical Views on Capital Punishment
  • HIV/AIDS Among the Elderly
  • Online Marketing of Sex Stores
  • Safe Space Groups for GLBTQ Students: Are They Effective?
  • The Socialization of Police Officers
  • A Statistical Report on Homicide and Related Factors in America’s 100 Largest Cities

Research that Matters

Joseph Miller presents his research on: Tourism Studies: Haw Par Villa Theme Park
Joseph Miller looking at his poster

Sociology majors and minors have presented their research at Gettysburg College as well as regional, national and international conferences. Some examples of these meetings include Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, The Annual ASIANetwork Conference, The Undergraduate Asian Studies Symposium (Marietta College, OH), The Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality Annual Conference, and the International Colloquium on Tourism and Leisure (Thailand).

Students interested in conducting research should first contact their advisor or an appropriate faculty member to discuss a research plan and agenda. Competitive summer funding for student research is available through the Kolbe Fellowship program. Students should consult the departmental Institutional Review Board (IRB) guidelines and submit an IRB proposal before beginning research.

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