Major & Minor

Course Requirements for the Spanish Major

Spanish majors study a combination of language, linguistics, culture, and literature. The Spanish major includes 9 courses above the 300 level:

  • Either SPANISH 301 (Spanish Composition, Conversation & Culture) or SPANISH 302  (Composition, Conversation, & Culture for Heritage Learners of Spanish). A grade of “C” or better in 301/302 is a prerequisite for all upper level courses.
  • SPANISH 304 - Hispanic Linguistics Today: An Introduction (Prerequisite for Spanish 380-389)
  • SPANISH 305 - Textual Cultures: Methods and Theories (Prerequisite for Spanish 350-379)
  • Five advanced Spanish classes (three may be taken abroad).
  • SPANISH 400 (Seminar): This is the senior capstone experience for all Spanish majors.

The Spanish major includes, as can be seen above, 9 courses above the 300 level. Five of these courses, including 301/302, 305, 400, and two advanced classes, must be taken at Gettysburg College. In addition, Spanish majors must spend one semester studying abroad in a program approved by the department. It is recommended that students study abroad as soon as their schedule permits. (Students with extensive previous experience living or studying abroad may petition the department to be exempted from this requirement.) None of these 9 courses can be taken S/U.

Course Requirements for the Spanish Minor

Six courses 301/302 and above

Three courses must be taken at Gettysburg College; must include Span 301/302
Spanish minors complete Spanish 301/302 (which must be taken at Gettysburg) and 5 other classes at the 300 level. Students must take 3 courses at Gettysburg. Up to 3 courses may be taken at approved Study Abroad programs. None of these 6 courses can be taken S/U.