Help Plan Your Next Reunion

Reunion committee members encourage classmates to attend Reunion Weekend, assist with planning the reunion celebration, and help raise a special class gift in honor of the reunion.


  1. Participate in committee virtual meetings (every 4-6 weeks, most likely) between September and June of your reunion year. The 5th and 10th Reunion meetings may be more spread out and take place closer to their fall celebration.
  2. Plan social events with support from Alumni Relations and suggest strategies for fundraising.
  3. Lead by example: commit to attending your reunion celebration and make your personal best commitment to the Gettysburg Fund for your class gift by December 31 to set an example and inspire others.
  4. Assist the Annual Giving office in recognizing members of the class who may have the capacity to give a leadership gift to the College.
  5. Contact classmates and members of organizations in which you were involved, to spark excitement and encouragement for participation in Reunion Weekend and the class gift.
  6. Celebrate your success at Reunion Weekend!

To learn more, read the Reunion Volunteer Resources page.

To request additional information or to join your class's reunion committee, please email