At Gettysburg College, we believe engagement with people from all walks of life is the bedrock of a successful liberal arts education.

Diversity at Gettysburg extends far beyond our student outreach and recruitment. It’s about embracing difference, supporting one another, and building a strong community together.

Inspired by President Lincoln’s legacy, Gettysburg College is committed to cultivating a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming campus that prepares our students to thrive in and contribute productively to an increasingly interconnected society.


At Gettysburg College, our perspective on diversity and inclusion is grounded in our core values. We believe in the worth and dignity of all people and the limitless value of their intellectual potential.

-From the College’s Diversity Statement

Clubs & Resources

If you’re a member of a group with shared cultural experiences, you’ll have the opportunity to form connections and access support specific to your community.

Black Student Union

Celebrates the ethnic heritage of African, African-American, and Caribbean culture and the contributions of black men and women.

L.A.S.A (Latin American Students’ Association)

Promotes cultural, social, and educational awareness about Latino heritage and traditions.

Gender and Sexuality Resource Center

The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center ensures that every single member of the Gettysburg College campus community has access to learning more about gender and sexuality on campus. The office strives to establish a culture of support on campus, for every person to feel safe and empowered to be their authentic selves.

Office of International Student Services

Providing programs and service to Gettysburg’s international students.

Office of Multicultural Engagement

Committed to the academic and personal development of multicultural and international students. The office provides personal attention and academic advising that addresses individual needs, interests and questions.

Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Provides leadership for the College’s initiatives to enhance the intercultural competence of faculty, staff, and students.

College Houses

The College House Program strives to foster intellectual and social communities around common interests. The following houses help contribute to a diverse and inclusive environment.

Diaspora House

The mission of the Diaspora House is to promote, educate, and foster cultural diversity awareness of African diaspora.

German House

German House provides a common space for immersion in German culture.

Hillel House

Hillel serves spiritual, cultural, and social needs for Jewish students.

International House

The International House (IH) strives to create an international presence on campus through social activities and debates.

LatinX House

The mission of Latinx House is to create a space that will diversify the community and let all students feel welcomed and supported.

MEIS House

MEIS House is an extension of the MEIS minor, a program that enables students from any discipline to gain an understanding of a most critical part of the world.

Mosaic House

Mosaic House is for students passionate about our four pillars of Social Justice, Multiculturalism, Globalization and Inclusion.


QHouse raises awareness about social justice issues, queer life on campus, and LGBTQ issues at Gettysburg and in the world at large.