Committees of the faculty

Councils of the Faculty

Faculty Council

J. Cadigan 22-25 (CH), R. Russell 22-25, N. Lebon 22-25, J. Cadigan 22-25, V. Calvillo, Convener of Chairpersons Council, C. Zappe ex officio, R. Iuliano ex officio.

Secretary of the Faculty

A. Wilson 23-24

Chairpersons Council

Chairs of all academic departments and programs, Vern Cisney Convener, J. Bookwala ex officio.

Standing Committees of the Faculty

Academic Policy and Program Committee APPC (meets Tues from 4:15 – 5:15)

L. Anchisi 21-24 (CH), J. Downs 21-24, B. Crawford 22-25, C. Weise 23-26, S. Kim 23-26, K. Odess-Harnish Library Representative, B. Reese Registrar, non-voting member, E. Remy IT Representative, K. Kant Dean of Student Success, non-voting member, J. Hamming, Provost’s Representative.


Academic Standing Committee

Russell 21-24, M. Amster 22-24, I. Urcuyo 22-25, H. Sollenberger, Center for Student SuccessRepresentative, L. Arlington, Associate Registrar, non-voting member, B.Reese Registrar, non-voting member, J. Hamming Provost’s Representative


Global Study Programs Committee

Nishimura 21-24, K. Samji 22-25, J. Phillips (CH) ex officio, J. Hamming, Provost’s Representative

Faculty Development Committee   FDC 

Lair 21-24 (CH), M. Wedlock 21-24, G. Mullen 23-26, R. Lesser 21-24, K. Rhett (repl. F. Else 22-25 in Fall semester),  M. Schmidt Provost’s Representative


Standing Committees of the Faculty continued.

Faculty Finance Committe FF

L. Nyiwul (CH) 21-24, J. Powell 21-24, R. Natter  22-25,  M. Coyne (interim CFO), J. Bookwala, ex officio, W.Koch.

Faculty Governance Committee  FGC

Sato 22-2 (CH),S. Monani F23 (repl L. Reid 23-26), C. Hays (23-26), S. Hancock 21-24, M. Schmidt Provost’s Representative

 Faculty Personnel Committee   FPC (meets Mon and Wed, 4:00 – 5:30)

Hartzell 21-24 (CH), A. Bamba 21-24, K. Berenson 23-26, T. Gebhart 21-24, D. Perry 21-24, L. Thompson 23-26, J. Bookwala ex officio.

 Student Enrollment and Retention Committee  SERC

Oechler 22-25, S. Stern 22-25, C. Thompson VP for EES, A. Ehrlich VP for CL , B. Reese Provost’s Representative as needed, J. Hamming as needed, G. Sweezey as needed, two students appointed by Student Senate TBD.

 Student Life Committee   SLC

M. Blume-Kohout 22-25, G. Ozgur 23-26, R. Wilson 23-26, J. Hamming Provost’s Representative, J. Foster, E. Farner, A. Ehrlich VP for CL


Other Committees, Commissions, Boards, and Councils

Committee on Learning Assessment COLA

J. Hamming (CH) Provost’s Representative, A. Standlee 23-26,  N. Miller 23-26, R. Baltaduonis 21-24,  J. Duffy College Life Representative,  S. Dong Director of Institutional Analysis,  C. Baugess Musselman Library Representative,  Student Representative.

Events Planning and Coordinating Committee EPACC

A. Evrad 21-24, A. Lacayo 21-24, T. Neller 22-25, Majestic Theater Representative, TBD Provost’s Representative, J. Rudy College Life Representative

Faculty Grievance Committee

Principato 21-24, R. Rangelova 21-24, J. Udden 21-24, A. Perry 23-26, B. Meier 23-26, A. Dailey 23-26

Honor Commission Advisers

A. Dimitriou 21-24, N. Meyer 22-25, D. Page 22-25, A. Said Ramadan 22-25, M. Valmisa 22-25.

Other Committees, Commissions, Boards, and Councils continued.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee IACUC

M. Caldwell 23-26 (CH), N. Gownaris 21-24, A. Solis 22-25, J. Cordes Selbin 22-25, M. Schmidt Provost’s Representative, Levi Smith Veterinarian, Donald Wilcox Community Member.

Institutional Biosafety Committee  IBC

K. Buettner, (CH), K. Andresen, J. Kuhar, J. Powell, W. Koch Provost’s Representative, Kari Anne Peter Community Member, Hans Winzeler Community Member

Institutional Review Board for Research with Human Subjects IRB

Hu 22-25, V. Phua 22-25, N. Goubet 22-25, M. Maras 23-26, M.Schmidt Provost’s Representative,
T. Hamm Community Representative.

Middle States Review Committee

C. Zappe (co-ch), A. Ervard (co-ch). K. Buettner, B. Luley, J. O’Brien, C. Oechler, R. Rangelova, J. Ryan, C. Presser, D. Walsh (working group chs).

Sexual Assault Appeals Board (faculty representatives)

J. Dumont 23-26, E. Berninghausen 23-26.

Student Conduct Review Board

M. Benka-Coker 21-24, C. Leal 22-25, R. Dawes 22-25.

Faculty Representatives on Trustee Committees

Academic Affairs Committee - Lidia Anchisi representing APPC

College Life Committee - Vernon Cisney representing Student Life Committee

Development, Alumni, and Parent Relations Committee - Craig Lair representing FDC

Endowment Committee - J. Powell representing Faculty Finance

Enrollment and Educational Services Committee - TBD  representing SERC.

Finance Committee - Linus Nyiwul representing Faculty Finance.

Information Technology - TBD.

Curricular Committees

Africana Studies Advisory Council

S. Hancock (CH), H. Williams, J. Bloomquist, A. Bamba, F. Jurney, L. Nyiwul, M. Melton, T. Redden.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

K. Buettner (CH), K. Hiraizumi, J. Powell, T Funk.

Cinema & Media Studies

J. Udden (CH), M. Amster, L. Anchisi, S. Monani, H. Wrage.

Civil War Era Studies Oversight Committee

P. Carmichael (CH), I. Isherwood, S. Egan, J. Downs, S. Hancock , H. Williams.

Data Science Advisory Committee

W. O’Hara (CH), M. Blume-Kohout, K. Hiraizumi, Ivaylo Ilinkin, J Luo., Alice Brawley Newlin, D White

East Asian Studies Committee

J. Luo (CH), E. Hogan, Z. Hu, J. Li, D. Lowy, Y. Nishimura, V. Phua, D. Sommer, Y. Sun, J. Udden, M. Valmisa Oviedo, A. Woo.

First-Year Seminars   

Powell (CH), J. Hamming Provost Representative, J. Brandauer, J. Myers, E. Remy, Meggan Smith, J. Ryan

International and Global Studies

W. Bowman (CH), D. Lowy, D. Perry, A. Kaempfer, H. Williams, M. Benka-Coker, A. Bamba, M. Maras, D. Page, R. Baltaduonis, L. Reid, C. Lair, J. Phillips, C. Leal, Abdulkareem Ramadan, M. Sijapati.

Health Professions Committee

K. Mattson (CH), J.M. Kittelberger, J. Brandauer, J. Powell, D. Jameson.

Interdisciplinary Studies Curricular Committee

V. Cisney (CH), A. Mershani, A. Said Ramadan, D. Bernard, L. Arlington, H. Sollenberger, S. Stern.

Judaic Studies Program

S. Stern (CH), S. Russell, N. Meyer, S. Gimbel, K. Wallach, V. Cisney.

Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies

V. Calvillo (CH); E. Betances, A. Dimitriou, A. Kaempfer, A. Lacayo, C. Leal, R. Rangelova, P. Trillo.

Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies Curricular Committee

A. Said Ramadan (CH), K. Cain, T. Chavis, Y. Akbaba, A. Evrard, J. Murphy, A. Mershani, K. Samji, M. Sijapati, S. Stern.

Neuroscience Curricular Committee

P. Fong, J.M. Kittelberger, K. Wilson.

Peace and Justice Advisory Council

H. Williams, (CH), C. Hays (Acting Chair), N. Greene, I. Isherwood, K. Mattson, M. Melton, A. Mershani, S. Monani, K. Pham, M. Sijapati, A. Trillo, D. Walsh.

Public History Advisory Committee

P. Carmichael and J. Ogline Titus, (CO-CHS), T. Shannon, S. Egan, J. Li, Y. Sun, D. Powell, B. Luley, A. Luskey, K. Farah.

Public Policy Curricular Committee

A. Douds (CH), A. Dailey, C. Hartzell, R. Kerney, C. Lair, B. Larson, G. Natter, D. Powell, K. Tozzi, C. Weise, H. William, Megan Sijapati, Charles Pede, Kevin Moore, Jesse Phillips.

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Academic Steering Committee

N. Lebon (CH), A. Standlee, A. Douds, R. Lesser, B. Trigo, D. Page, S. St Pierre