Gratitude and Recognition

Thank You

Gettysburg College students benefit from an engaging and consequential education thanks to the generosity of thousands of alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for their ongoing support.


Donor Impact: Enhancing the Gettysburg College Student Experience in 2022-2023

At Gettysburg College, generous donations from alumni and supporters pave the way for students to access scholarships, immersive learning experiences, and a vibrant educational community. Learn more.

John ’82 and Beth Martin ’82 Critchley

Donor Profile: John ’82 and Beth Martin ’82 Critchley

Discover the story of John and Elizabeth Critchley's enduring connection to Gettysburg College, from their college experiences to their commitment to giving back through scholarships and alumni involvement. Learn more.

Victor T. Smith '10

Donor Profile: Victor T. Smith '10

Victor Smith gives back through scholarships to provide students with the same transformative educational opportunities he cherished. Learn more about Victor T. Smith '10.

A student in the lab

How Gettysburg supports the lifelong quest for knowledge

Gettysburg College provides students with a dynamic education that equips them to navigate the ever-evolving world, fostering agility, interdisciplinary knowledge, and enduring skills for success in the 21st-century workforce. Learn more.

David W. '85 and Cynthia LeCompte '84 Salisbury P'15

Donor Profile: David W. '85 and Cynthia LeCompte '84 Salisbury P'15

David W. ’85 and Cynthia LeCompte ’84 Salisbury P’15 dedication to community engagement and learning exemplifies the strong bond they share with the College and its mission. Learn more about David W. '85 and Cynthia LeCompte '84 Salisbury P'15 .


The Daria L. & Eric J. Wallach Professorship of Peace and Justice Studies

"I am pleased to contribute to advancing the important work of preparing students for lives of meaning and consequence." Learn more about this gift from Daria Wallach '76.


Travel Fund for Faculty and Students

Peter ’60 and Pamela Casagrande have endowed a $100,000 travel fund for the English Department. Read their story.