Enjoying great food with great people at Gettysburg

Students eating thanksgiving dinner at the Servo dining hall
The dining hall is a hub of campus activity each day with students connecting and catching up with each other during meals or working behind the counter to serve food to their peers (Photo by Shawna Sherrell).

The moment I stepped onto Gettysburg’s campus, I immediately fell in love with the food. Servo and the Bullet Hole provide high quality food to students, whether it’s the weekday specials at Abe’s Faves, hot cocoa stands in the winter at Servo, or omelets on Sunday brunch. Overall, Dining Services brings the campus community together and creates a thriving community of students.

Made to order

Student ordering a salad at the Bullet Hole
On-the-go students can choose from a myriad of food choices at The Bullet Hole, including sandwiches, grilled food, pasta, salads, and much more (Photo by Shawna Sherrell).

I personally have a direct connection to Dining Services from working at the Bullet Hole in the spring semester of my junior year. I picked up the job because I thought that it would be an invaluable experience, and I wasn’t wrong.

From the first day on the job to my last day before summer break, I was surrounded by caring, wholehearted people trying to make money while navigating college life, just like me. I was always greeted by smiles from employees on staff and when I made a mistake, they were more than happy to correct me and help me feel comfortable with the pace of work. During the first week, the rapid pace, especially during lunch and dinner rush, was extremely hectic and caused me to occasionally forget what someone ordered. However, by the second and third week of work, I knew how to operate, clean, and find everything used at the Bullet Hole.

I thoroughly enjoyed making burgers and subs for the Gettysburg community, especially my friends. Caleb, a great friend of mine, ordered a burger while I was working one day. I made sure everything was perfect about the bacon cheeseburger he was so excited to receive. I recall strategically melting cheese over the bacon while putting the cooked patty briefly back on the grill. Then I neatly placed the various toppings he wanted on before wrapping it up for him. Later that day, Caleb informed me that his burger was the best he’s ever had from Abe’s Faves. His comments made making that burger my favorite experience working at the Bullet Hole.

Dining with friends

Members of the Bullets baseball team standing for a photo
Kirby (far right) with teammates from the baseball team during Homecoming Weekend (Photo by Doug Huber ‘06/ProArts Media).

In addition to the Bullet Hole, I frequently go to Servo, Gettysburg’s main dining hall on campus. It’s there where I made most of the friends that I still have today. No matter the meal or time of day, Servo was bound to have familiar faces. Friends from the baseball team or my residence hall were always going to Servo as a group, and I loved joining them. Even on the few days where I walked by myself to the Dining Hall, I always ended up talking to someone I knew as soon as I got inside.

If I had to choose my favorite meal, it would be the Faroe salmon over rice. Servo usually serves this on Thursday nights for dinner, and I always look forward to those meals. Salmon is my favorite food, and the flavorful lemon rice along with the tender salmon is one of the best seafood dishes I’ve ever had. Eating this meal always brings back so many memories from my underclassmen years at Gettysburg.

Luke Kirby is a health sciences major and an East Asian studies minor. He is a member of the health sciences club and has been a member of the baseball team for three of his four years on campus. He also works as a fitness attendant at the John F. Jaeger Center for Athletics, Recreation, and Fitness and participates in club sports at Gettysburg.

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By Luke Kirby ’23
Photos by Shawna Sherrell, Doug Huber ’06
Posted: 10/28/22