Listen to Episode 22 ‘Engaging on environmental issues with Profs. Salma Monani and Sarah Principato’

Tune in to a new episode of Gettysburg College’s podcast, Conversations Beneath the Cupola. In this episode, podcast host and College President, Bob Iuliano, is joined by Environmental Studies Profs. Salma Monani and Sarah Principato for an Earth Day exclusive discussion. They explore the progression of climate change, the ways in which the media shapes and is shaped by environmental issues, how we all can play a part in combating climate change, and more.

“This is partly why I love Gettysburg College, and why I love the environmental studies department in particular, because we really get to work across disciplines and find ways to communicate science better,” Principato said in the episode.

The episode concludes with an anecdotal “Slice of Life” told from the president’s perspective. Iuliano takes a moment to talk about the significance of traditions at Gettysburg College. He shares his excitement for the campus community to be able to partake in many traditions this spring, such as Servo Thanksgiving, International Food Fest, and Commencement for the Class of 2021—several of which will have virtual components to include remote students in the fun.

Listen to the full episode.