Gettysburg ranks No. 2 in U.S. for semester-length study abroad, No. 3 for total participants

Gettysburg College has once again earned top honors for its outstanding work in global education. Each winter, the Institute of International Education (IIE) releases a report for study abroad participation among all liberal arts institutions in the United States. In this year’s Open Doors ranking, Gettysburg ranked No. 2 in the nation for semester-long abroad programs, the College’s highest ranking ever. Gettysburg also ranked No. 3 for total student participants studying abroad.

These new rankings represent a significant accomplishment for our Center for Global Education (CGE) and entire College community. The recognition also speaks powerfully to Gettysburg’s distinctive approach for preparing students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected society and global workforce.

“Since Gettysburg students are current and future leaders, these experiences abroad will help them to shape society for the better,” said Jesse Phillips, the interim director of the Center for Global Education. “They also can help students to deepen their understanding of themselves by challenging them to live outside of their comfort zone and culture, and they can help students to develop the enduring skills that employers find so important.”

Juliana Swanson ’24 on a trip to Sommaroy while studying at the University of Tromso in Norway

When asked about what makes Gettysburg’s study abroad programs so special, Phillips emphasized the support that is provided for students at every level of the College—from financial support to faculty, staff, and even coaches encouraging students throughout the whole study abroad process.

“We speak with students about their personal, academic, and career goals and then help them to map those goals to our affiliated programs,” said Phillips. “We then help them prepare for going abroad by answering questions about every step of the process. Behind the scenes, we are continuously evaluating and re-evaluating our program portfolio to make sure we are meeting Gettysburg students’ curricular, professional, and health and safety needs.”

Meem Noshin Nawal Khan ’24 visits Stonehenge while spending the semester studying at Lancaster University in England

Ask any Gettysburgian who has studied abroad and they will tell you that the opportunity changes you forever—helping you to grow as a person and expanding your global perspective and consciousness.

“Students are not just studying abroad, they are doing fascinating research and great internships. These experiences shape their professional lives, including in think tanks, consulates, start-ups, and important international organizations and multinational corporations,” said Phillips, reflecting on how global experiences can impact students during their time at Gettysburg College and throughout their lives. “I believe this functions as a testament to the great work we are doing.”

When it comes to a Gettysburg College education, CGE knows that a global understanding is an important factor toward leading a consequential life.

“A learning experience is not only about academics, it is also about learning who you are and the opportunity to create a global network,” said Phillips. “Learning about your field of study from another point of view will help you to think more critically about it, and prepare you to work on projects with teammates from around the world.”

Learn more about Gettysburg’s newest IIE Open Doors ranking and other notable points of recognition on the College website. IIE conducts surveys of international exchange activity under the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Government.

Students interested in expanding their global knowledge and studying abroad can start by making an appointment with the Center for Global Education and exploring their potential plans with their faculty advisor.

By Cameron Jury ’23
Posted: 04/10/23

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