Gettysburg economics alumna pursues finance dream

For Morgan Flagg ’16, a hands-on summer internship led to a career with a prestigious investment firm.

Flagg, who studied economics and business at Gettysburg, works for Cambridge Associates Investment Advisors in New York City.

Her ascent to the financial consulting world from a liberal arts college may seem unconventional. Yet it precisely reflects the intellectual and human makeup of today’s finance professionals. Flagg credits a portion of her success to the interdisciplinary nature of her coursework at Gettysburg College. The blend of soft and hard skills taught at Gettysburg translated well to the investment arena.

“The caliber and quality of student recruits from Gettysburg is strong, and we currently have several colleagues in the U.S. and London who are alums of the College,” said Elizabeth Ramos, Cambridge Associates’ Head of Human Capital. “Morgan started with the firm as an intern in our Manager Information Group when she was a rising senior at Gettysburg. She excelled in that program and was offered a role on one of our investment teams at the completion of her internship.”

Unconventional but awesome

Flagg’s unconventional career outcome is now an exceptional opportunity. It’s a success story shared by countless Gettysburg graduates. Over the years and across many different industries, Gettysburg alums boast a wealth of diversity in their lives and their academic experience. Their inherent human curiosity and exploratory spirit lead to new areas of growth.

For Flagg, her inquisitive nature led to a rich internship experience with Cambridge that stoked her curiosity about finance.

“One of the best things about Cambridge is that it gives you a great introduction to all types of investment,” she said.

Today, Flagg is an Investment Associate and services clients nationwide. Cambridge is a global investment firm that provides services to endowments and foundations, healthcare institutions, pensions, private clients, and government and insurance companies.

“When recruiting at any college or university, we look for candidates who demonstrate high academic achievement, extracurricular involvement either in their school or their community, strong communication skills, and different experiences and perspectives that help us to foster the most collaborative work environment for our employees and the best outcomes for our clients,” added Cambridge Associates’ Ramos.

Career advising

Flagg, who had impressively secured the job by the beginning of her senior year at Gettysburg, knew Cambridge would be the right fit for her. She credits her Gettysburg education for giving her the tools to succeed.

“Your professors are just as dedicated as you are to your learning,” Flagg said.

To secure her internship, Flagg also worked closely with the staff of the Center for Career Engagement.

“The career counselors were there from start to finish of the process and I was lucky enough to get advice from almost all of them,” Flagg said.

Diverse curriculum

At Gettysburg, students pursuing business-related majors encounter a thoughtful, interdisciplinary curriculum rooted in the liberal arts. Within the variety of majors and minors that train students for these business-oriented careers, course offerings include accounting, finance, marketing, business law, entrepreneurship, financial regulation, and corporate strategy.

Majors include economics, mathematics, mathematical economics, and organization and management studies. Within the Management department, business is offered as a minor.

Visit our YouTube Page to hear Flagg talk about her internship experience. Learn more about studying management and economics at Gettysburg College.

By Marisa Balanda
Posted: 03/12/19