Gettysburg alumni explore computer science, consulting careers at Deloitte

Global consulting firm Deloitte’s offices span the globe and its connection to Central Pennsylvania provides an excellent entry point for Gettysburg students seeking careers in computing and consulting. With a strong contingent of alumni working at Deloitte, the Gettysburg network continues to grow.

It’s a partnership that yields opportunities such as internships, externships, and jobs. Just 33 miles north of campus, in Mechanicsburg, multidisciplinary Deloitte teams deploy industry, business, and technical experience to create client solutions. The collaborative approach to problem-solving mirrors the classroom environment at Gettysburg—where faculty and students seek answers together.

Gettysburg’s relationship with Deloitte continues to be beneficial for students and graduates alike. In upbeat business cycles, it yields opportunities such as internships, externships, and full-time jobs. Students often learn about those opportunities via the Center for Career Engagement, which also provides invaluable career advising services. Overwhelmingly, students credit this one-to-one mentorship with giving them the tools they need to be competitive at firms like Deloitte.

Marc Goldman leads the College’s Career Engagement office. He said Deloitte’s hiring of alumni reflects a mutual trust between institutions and a commitment to excellent career preparation. “Over many years, we’ve seen alumni succeed at Deloitte,” Goldman said. “They make an impression that keeps Gettysburg College strongly on Deloitte’s radar. That’s because our students are candidates of worth, candidates who have skills that employers want in 2019.”

As this transfer of knowledge and talent continues, our students and alumni provide a personal view on their Deloitte experiences.

Emily Redmond ’19, Future Solutions Analyst, Deloitte U.S. Delivery Center, Mechanicsburg, PA

Emily Redmond ’19 portrait
Emily Redmond ’19

“I am a computer science and psychology double-major. As a junior, I was recruited by Deloitte’s U.S. Delivery Center in Mechanicsburg through the College’s job fair. I had the opportunity to intern for Deloitte this past summer as a Solutions Summer Scholar in the Technology Group. During that amazing time, I networked with past interns, as well as many other employees of Deloitte. At the end of the internship, I was offered a full-time position as a Solutions Analyst, which I gladly accepted!

“Without the help of Gettysburg’s Center for Career Engagement, I would have never had the opportunity to meet with a Deloitte recruiter and share my skills and experience with them. I know that having the opportunity to speak to a recruiter from Deloitte at the job fair helped me greatly. I learned about Deloitte’s business and what they look for in job candidates. I was also able to see who I was communicating with while going through the recruitment process. It gave me the opportunity to walk the recruiter through my resume and to have a face-to-face conversation with them before I even applied, so that they could put a face to the name when the process began.

“Throughout my journey at Gettysburg, the alumni network has proven very valuable to me. While interning, I was able to connect with several alumni in the Mechanicsburg office. They shared their experiences and, perhaps most importantly, detailed how they turned their internships at Deloitte into full-time jobs!”

Sara Freed ’18, Project Management Analyst, Deloitte U.S. Delivery Center, Mechanicsburg, PA

“I majored in computer science; despite popular belief, I learned much more than just how to code! What’s core to being successful in the major is being able to utilize critical thinking and problem-solving skills to create the solutions needed to solve the problem at hand. This fully prepared me to accept a job at Deloitte because the firm’s mission aligns with what I spent the past four years learning: an aptitude for creating solutions. I’ve gone from project manager of my senior capstone group to becoming a Project Management Analyst at Deloitte, a transition that was much more seamless given the experiences I had in my undergraduate work.

“The presence of Gettysburg alumni at Deloitte is great. I know I can reach out and put any kind of meeting or happy hour invite on a Gettysburgian’s calendar and it will be met with an enthusiastic response. But there are far more advantages to the presence of alumni at Deloitte than just internal networking. Many people I work with have worked with Gettysburg alumni in the past, which then translates into a positive association when they find out I graduated from Gettysburg as well. This gives me an edge before I begin my interaction with them, and goes to show how influential the Gettysburg network is within Deloitte.

“Our alumni network is something I know I can always rely on. I know all I have to do is reach out and I will quickly be met with advice from people who have been in the same place as me.”

Mateus Maccieri ’19, Future Solutions Analyst, Deloitte U.S. Delivery Center, Mechanicsburg, PA

Mateus Maccieri ’19 portrait
Mateus Maccieri ’19

“I started my computer science major the spring semester of my sophomore year. My major has prepared me to understand all aspects of computer science, from problem-solving to programming to the theoretical side of the field. I felt well-prepared to accept a job at Deloitte.

“As an international student, it is a little trickier getting a job in the United States due to the immigration processes. It was very important for me to understand how the job process worked and where I could apply. From my first year at Gettysburg, I did a lot of research in advance to understand how I could find a job here. I talked to a lot of upperclassmen and alumni,  and more specifically, international ones. Then, by my senior year, there were no surprises. I knew where I wanted to apply and how to prepare for it. Deloitte is very friendly toward international students. Given its strong relationship with Gettysburg, I knew it was the right choice for me.

“Throughout my experience, the alumni network has proven essential. I went to Center for Career Engagement my first year and asked two questions: ‘How can I find a job in my field?’ and ‘Who should I reach out to?’ From that point forward, the mentoring was amazing. The career counselors offered personalized advice. Those close relationships taught me everything I needed to be successful in my internship and job search.

“All along, I reached out to a large number of people, and I really learned a lot from the alumni I talked to about my career goals.”

Phoebe Do ’17, Analytics Consultant, Strategic Risk and Reputation, New York, NY

Phoebe Do ’17 portrait
Phoebe Do ’17

“Gettysburg alumni are always ready to connect and help each other out. When I was a sophomore, I cold-emailed fellow alumna and former Deloitte employee Shaina Wright on LinkedIn and she was generous to schedule a call with me to talk about her experience with the firm. Although we connected on LinkedIn, we did not keep in close touch. But three years later, after I joined the firm, Shaina randomly found me when she typed ‘Gettysburg College’ on the firm network search and she remembered my name. So, I've really gone a full circle with my Gettysburg network connections at Deloitte.

“These connections matter because Gettysburg is where it all started for us. A sense of place and shared values connect us. We continue to always find common Gettysburg stories to share. As a way to give back to the College, I spend time talking to students who reach out for my advice on careers at Deloitte.

“I majored in mathematical economics and globalization studies. The first time I heard of Deloitte was through the Center for Career Engagement when I was in search of an internship for the summer of my sophomore year. After looking the company up, I applied for a Gettysburg externship sponsored by Robert (Bob) Contri, who is an alumnus working at Deloitte. The externship exposed me to the firm’s great culture, built many connections, and helped me build a close relationship with Bob, who became my career mentor. We both thought I would be a great fit for the firm, so he referred me to the recruitment team at our New York office. That’s when I landed my current position. Bob continues to be my close mentor here at the firm.”

By Zeb Eckert
Posted: 04/08/19