Academic Support

  • In the Center for Student Success, our hope is that all students at Gettysburg College are able to achieve their academic goals. Attending a residential liberal arts college requires that students independently manage their time and circumstances to attend class, complete assignments, and seek help as appropriate.
  • We care deeply about students and provide a good deal of outreach and support to all students. When making a decision about whether Gettysburg College is the right fit for you, we encourage you to think about the type of support you had in High School that helped you to be successful and think carefully about whether you can be successful at Gettysburg College with the type of support we are able to offer.

Type of academic support we DO offer:

  • Individual Professors' Office Hours: each professor is required to hold open hours during the week during which the students can visit them to seek help with course material.
  • Writing Center: peer to peer support for writing for any subject.
  • Peer Learning Associates for SOME courses (these are NOT peer tutors; each professor determines the best way for this upper class student to provide support for the course. It may include providing support in labs, holding review sessions, helping students with specific assignments).
  • CalcAid in the Math Department: drop-in support for all levels of calculus based courses.
  • Peer Research Mentors in the Library: peer to peer support, alongside Reference Librarians, providing education about information literacy, plagiarism, citation, paraphrasing, and research skills.
  • Reference Librarians in the Library: professional librarians who teach students in courses about information literacy, plagiarism, citation, paraphrasing, and research skills.
  • Workshops on time management, reading, note taking, and test preparation as part of the first year extended orientation program, Charting Your Course.
  • Individual Academic Coaching for students, upon recommendation of one of the Deans of the Center for Student Success: professional coaching for students with documented learning disabilities, limited to 1 hour per week.
  • Progress reports: professors are encouraged to give regular feedback and send progress reports throughout the semester to students and their advisors to make sure that students know their current standing in the course.

Type of support we DO NOT offer:

  • On-demand peer or professional tutoring
  • On-demand academic coaching
  • Daily check-ins
  • Tutoring/Learning Center
  • Executive Function Coaching
  • Personal attendants
  • Parent access to grades and student progress throughout the semester