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Advancing Science is a K-12 mobile science education program hosted by Gettysburg College which is one of the 10 Pennsylvania institutions of higher learning that make up the Science in Motion Consortium.  The Gettysburg College Advancing Science program provides laboratory equipment, materials, and instructional expertise to regional K-12 teachers to help them provide exciting, engaging, and meaningful experience-based learning opportunities to their students.  Our support region includes Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Perry, and York counties in Pennsylvania.  Through this “free to the teachers and schools” resource sharing initiative, the Advancing Science Program enhances local education in a very cost-effective and efficient manner.

What is the Science in Motion Consortium: Pennsylvania Map showing Science In Motion host sites
The Science In Motion Consortium, established in 2000, is a network of science outreach programs supported by the PA Department of Education.  The members of the consortium (depicted at the right) all share a common goal – to enhance science education across all of rural and urban Pennsylvania. 

The consortium was awarded the 2003 Council of State Governments’ National Innovation Award for Effective Government Programs.  In 2007 it was recognized as one of 21 exemplary programs in the Bayer report “Planting the Seeds for a Diverse U.S. STEM Pipeline: A Compendium of Best Practice K-12 STEM Education Programs”.  In 2010 the consortium was recognized as a model of excellence in science education by the National Lab Skills Symposium.  The tradition that lead to these past accolades continues on today.  

Our Goal: Image Description
Our ultimate goal is to help teachers provide the best possible experienced-based, science and technology educational opportunities to our K-12 students.  By making science and technology education applicable to real life we hope to spark interest and maintain enthusiasm for the sciences throughout every student’s educational career and beyond.  We don’t expect every student to pursue a scientific or engineering career, but we do maintain the goal of ensuring our students have a strong scientific literacy and develop important critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will help make them good stewards of our planet and become enlightened citizens.

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