Traffic and parking regulations

Parking Regulations 

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for parking lot designations and directions.


Vehicle Registration: Students and employees must register their vehicle by logging into CNAV

Students Permits: ($100 per academic year) -  Students permits are valid for the academic year they are purchased in. All student permits are valid in general students parking. Students who live in college house along Carlisle Street will be issued a permit that allows them to park in Carlisle Street lots in addition to general student parking. Commuter students will receive a general parking 

First Year Students (FYS) ($100 per academic year) - Parking for FYSs is limited to students with medical or educational exceptions. FYSs may apply by submitting a written request to Campus Safety ( and must specify a medical or educational purpose that necessitates the FYS to possesses a vehicle on campus. Exceptions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis in advance of the student bringing their vehicle to Gettysburg. Any first-year student found to have an unauthorized vehicle on campus will be subject to the following penalties: 

  • 1st Offense $150 
  • 2nd Offense $300
  • 3rd Offense Loss of parking privileges for Sophomore Year 

Employee Permits: All full- and part-time employee vehicles must display a permit. This issued permit is valid as long as the employee remains an employee at Gettysburg College. Employees can have up to 2 permits issued to them, but they are only be used for vehicles registered and  used by the employee. 

Permit Placement: All student parking permits are to be displayed on the driver side of the side window nearest the rear corner of the vehicle. Employee and visitor permits are to be hung from the review mirror of the vehicle or placed on the dash in plain sight. All permits must be placed in plain view, clearly visible from outside of the vehicle. 

Failure to obtain and display a permit at all times will result in the following: 

1st Offense Written Warning and a $100 vehicle registration fee.

2nd Offense $100.00 fine

3rd Offense $200.00 fine and vehicle may be booted and/or towed.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Parking (LEED): Employees may park in LEED-, carpool-, and hybrid-designated spaces by obtaining a LEED permit issued by Campus Safety. Employees should email to request a permit. Designated spaces are available in Masters and Bream.  

Electric Vehicle Charging: Chargers for electric vehicles are located outside the Central Energy Plant in the Constitution North parking lot. Parking is limited to vehicles that charge via an electrical connection and only while the vehicle is charging.  

Handicap Parking: Handicap parking is controlled by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A state-issued permit is required to park in any handicap space. Individuals seeking a handicap parking permit should contact their PCP or the Health Center (for students).  

Temporary Permits: Temporary permits are available for students and employees who already have a vehicle registered and valid parking permit. Temporary permits are for short periods of time when the primary vehicle is unavailable.  

Guest Permits: All guests staying overnight must register their vehicle with Campus Safety. Guests will receive a parking permit to allow parking in student parking lots. 

Parking Regulations And Fines

Campus Safety officers may tow or boot a vehicle violating any of the below offenses without prior notice to the owner. All towing fees are at the expense of the owner/operator.

A Fire Lanes and Hydrants  $100.00
B Blocking or Obstructing Trash Dumpsters  $50.00
C Disability Spaces $100.00
D Parking on No Parking Zones  $30.00
E Blocking or Obstructing Entrances, Exits, and Vehicles $30.00
F Parking on Grass or Seeded Areas  $30.00
G Parking in Regulated Space $30.00
H Double Parking $50.00

LOSS OF PRIVILEGES – Any person receiving more than six parking citations within one academic year will automatically lose their parking privileges upon receiving the seventh citation. Any additional citations issued after the loss of privileges has been invoked will result in the owner/operator being subject to a $250.00 fine and towing or booting of the vehicle. 

PAYMENTS AND PENALTIES – Vehicle registration fees are charged directly to student accounts. All citation fines are to be paid at the Financial Services Office, located in Pennsylvania Hall. Campus Safety does not accept payments.  

APPEAL PROCESS - CAMPUS SAFETY WILL NOT ACCEPT VERBAL APPEALS. All parking appeals must be submitted electronically 

The Executive Director of Campus Safety will review all appeals within an average of two weeks of the appeal date and will decide to uphold the ticket, change the ticket to a warning, modify the fine, or grant the appeal. The decision of the Executive Director is final. 

PARKING ON BOROUGH STREETS – The college campus is surrounded by public streets owned and maintained by the Borough of Gettysburg. Many of the streets have parking enforcement measures placed on them. Metered streets are highly enforced. The Borough Parking Department handles all questions and appeals regarding Borough parking tickets and can be reached at 717.334.3222 or at 59 East High Street.

Parking Lot Designations

Students General Parking

  • Constitution North- Last two rows 
  • Constitution East- Rows 7 and 8 
  • Stadium North- Row 1, 2, & 3 
  • Stadium South- Entire lot 
  • Stadium West- Entire lot 

Student may park in the Masters Lot and Bream Gym Lot from 6pm to 6am Monday thru Thursday and 6pm Friday to 6am Monday

Carlisle Street Permit Lots 

223 & 227 Carlisle St., 343 Carlisle St., Appleford, Colonial, Corner Cottage, Lahm, Lamp Post, Paxton, Phi Delta Theta, and Smyser

Employee Parking 

  • Masters Lot- Entire Lot 
  • Constitution East- Rows 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 
  • Bream Gym- Entire Lot 
  • Huber Lot- Entire Lot 
  • Stadium North- Rows 4 and 5 
  • West Building Gravel Lot- Entire Lot