Traffic and parking information

Student Vehicle Registration for Fall Semester starts July 18.

First Year Exception Requests will be accepted, by emailing, July 31 through August 20.

There are two basic criteria for granting an exception to the policy prohibiting first-year students from parking on campus:

1. Medical Need

For example, some students may need to get specific medical treatments at locations that are not within walking distance of campus, or have other medical conditions that make it a necessity for them to have cars on campus in order to travel for treatment

2. Involvement in an academic or official co-curricular campus activity

The activity requires regular travel to a location that is not within walking distance of campus. For example, students taking a specific Education class in the spring semester need to do regular site visits at a local school as part of their course requirements, and many of these schools are not within walking distance. Note: if your course is through student clubs and organizations, it may qualify; this requires a written request from a faculty member or club president.

One possible resource for first-year students, the Race Horse Alley Parking Plaza, is a public parking garage in Gettysburg that rents parking spaces on a monthly basis for a monthly fee. This garage is a 10-15 minute walk from the center of campus, just off the town square. Please note that the Borough of Gettysburg, not the College, owns and manages this parking facility, and rental space may be limited. Contact the Borough offices to explore this possibility, at (717) 334-3222, or visit their website for parking information.

2022/2023 Traffic and Parking Regulations

For student and employee vehicle and bike registration: Log-on to CNAV and, from the My Place drop-down options, choose Campus Safety Forms > Vehicle or Bicycle Registration.

Visitor Parking Permits: Visitor Parking Permits may be picked up at the Campus Safety office at 51 West Stevens St.

Campus Safety provides vehicle battery start kits for the campus community. Call 717.337.6912 for assistance.