Getting Started

Gettysburg College is a small, private, liberal arts college with a global outlook.

Approximately 60% of Gettysburg students spend at least one semester studying globally. With over one hundred affiliated programs in fifty countries, there are global study options available for students in every major. Global study provides students with opportunities to explore areas of study beyond what is possible on Gettysburg’s campus, participate in internships, conduct independent research, and study languages while using them in everyday life.

In addition to the academic benefits of global study, many students cite global study as one of the most impactful experiences of their time at Gettysburg. Students report that they come back feeling invigorated from their experience and approach their remaining semesters at Gettysburg with new energy and a broader world view. In addition, Gettysburg alumni say that global study enhanced their resume and gave them an advantage in their job search.

The first step to begin your global study experience is to make an appointment at the Center for Global Education.