Study Abroad in England: Gettysburg College Seminar & Semester at Lancaster University

The Gettysburg College Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Program in England offers a study abroad experience for students who would like to pursue studies in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences at a British University.

The program is based at Lancaster University and students can enroll for full year or for the Michaelmas term (fall semester). During the Fall semester, students are also required to enroll in a pre-term, approximately 3-week seminar taught by a Gettysburg College faculty member. The content of this course changes annually along with the teaching faculty member from Gettysburg College. Following the seminar course, students have a week long break, after which they enroll at Lancaster University for the Fall (Michaelmas) semester. Students are responsible for planning and funding their time during this week, including housing, transportation, and activities.

Essential Details:

Location: Lancaster University, in the northwest of England

Student Population: 12,000 students from over 100 different countries

Language requirement: None

Terms of study:

Fall semester

  • Pre-term seminar (late Aug.-late Sept.; 1 course credit)
  • Michaelmas/Fall Semester only (Oct.-Dec.; 3 course credits)

Academic year

  • Optional Pre-term seminar (late Aug.-late Sept.; 1 course credit)
  • Full year: Pre-term seminar (optional), Michaelmas, Lent (Jan.-March), and Summer (April-June) [total 8 course credits]

Academic Credit: Program is affiliated, so credits and grades transfer back to Gettysburg