CPS Summer Fellowship Application



  • Listed below is the information requested to complete an application. Place all four pages of information in ONE Word document and email the document to Tammy Hoff thoff@gettysburg.edu.
  • Questions/concerns: stop by our office in Plank Gym, call us at 337-6490 or email cps@gettysburg.edu.
  • Application deadline is Wednesday, January 24, 2024 at 4pm

Page 1

  • Fellowship site interest(s) (Gettysburg, Tucson)
  • Name, pronouns, and photo
  • Campus box, phone number and email address
  • Home address
  • Graduation date, Major/Minor and GPA
  • Languages spoken and degree of proficiency
  • List names and contact information for two professional and/or academic references.
  • Do you agree to uphold the Professional Standards of the CPS Summer Fellowship Experience?
  • Are you in good judicial, academic and honor code standing?
    If no, please explain.

Page 2.  Statement of purpose.

After reading through the overview of the Fellowship and its program components, why do you want to participate in an experience that focuses on learning about the complexity of social issues and works towards community change?  What do you hope to gain from this experience?

Page 3. Placement preference and learning goals.

After reviewing the fellowship sites (Gettysburg, Tucson) and the focus areas of those sites, please list your top sites of interest. Also note sites in which you are uninterested. For each site of interest, explain why it is of specific interest to you and how your skill set makes you a good candidate. Most importantly, state your own personal and professional learning goals you would like to explore and how they connect to the opportunity. For the Gettysburg site, please discuss which Community Partners that most interest you and why. Placement in your top choice is not guaranteed.                                                                                                                                      

Page 4.  Provide a current, professional résumé.

Please be sure to highlight relevant experience. This may include international and/or cross-cultural experience, academic courses, professional engagements, trainings, or volunteer work. We recommend you refer to résumé writing tips on the Center for Career Engagement website.