First-Year Students:

Two Advisors

Summer Advisor – a staff/faculty member who is assigned to connect with students in early July to help students plan and create their fall course schedule. This person may or may not be your Faculty Advisor. 

  • This partnership is intended to prepare students for Course Registration, which begins on July 17th, 2024.

Faculty Advisor – a faculty member who is assigned to incoming students beginning in August and continues through the time a student declares a major.

  • The guiding principle for a Faculty Advisor assignment is regular, frequent interaction in one of the four courses a student takes in the first semester or a faculty member from the discipline of interest. Students will have an opportunity to send their Faculty Advisor information about themselves, their interests, goals, concerns, etc. later in the summer after assignments have been made.


Sophomores may continue their advising relationship with their first-year advisors, or they may select another faculty member in a field they’re considering as a major. Once an academic major is chosen (which must be no later than second semester sophomore year, a member of the student’s major department becomes the student’s advisor.

Contact a Dean

Class Year Dean E-mail
2024 Dean Hannah Sollenberger
2025 Dean Hannah Sollenberger
2026 Dean Renica Minott
2027 Dean Coleen Beddick

Advising resources