Alternate Track Course Clusters

Gettysburg College provides equal opportunities to students with disabilities admitted through the regular admissions process. Recognizing students with disabilities have the legal right and responsibility to present requests for reasonable accommodations, the College promotes self-disclosure and self-advocacy. As a residential college, this applies to reasonable accommodations related to academic, dining and housing needs. The Center for Student Success assists students with disabilities with their requests for accommodations.

Early disclosure allows our office to work with students to develop appropriate accommodations prior to the start of the semester. The determination of reasonable educational, dining and/or housing accommodations is made after meeting with the student and reviewing submitted required documentation. A diagnosis does not automatically warrant approval of requested accommodations.

Gettysburg College does not provide psychoeducational testing/diagnostic services for students who suspect they have a disability.

Reasonable Accommodations

Accommodations at the College level do not eliminate all the challenges and stress felt by many college students. Accommodations that a student had in high school may not be considered reasonable at the postsecondary level.

 “At the postsecondary level, the recipient is required to provide students with appropriate academic adjustments and auxiliary aids and services that are necessary to afford, an individual with a disability, an equal opportunity to participate in a school's program. Recipients are not required to make adjustments or provide aids or services that would result in a fundamental alteration of a recipient's program or impose an undue burden.”(US Dept of Education)

Reasonable accommodations are determined through a review of required documentation. Some requested accommodations can be met through the daily opportunities/operations of the college that are available to all students. Each accommodation request is considered, however not all requested accommodations are approved.

Need Assistance?

If you require assistance related to accessibility, please contact Theresa Hoover, Assistant Dean for Student Accessibility.

Contact Theresa Hoover

Students pursuing the alternate track to fulfill the foreign language requirement must choose one of the following clusters at the time of petitioning. Changes to your program must be approved by the Academic Standing Committee. Students should contact the office of Academic Advising with questions about the eligibility of courses not listed below.

Courses offered 2023-24 Academic Year

Table of contents

  1. African Cluster
  2. Ancient/Classics Cluster
  3. Asian Cluster
  4. European Cluster
  5. Latin American/Caribbean Cluster

Key to symbols

Courses offered 2023-24 Academic Year

* Offered in Fall 2023 Only
** Offered in Spring 2024 Only
*** Offered in both Fall and Spring Semesters

African Cluster

Course CodeCourse Name
*AFS 131 Introduction to African Studies
**AFS 246 Human Rights Policy in the Caribbean
**AFS 250 Vodou in the Diaspora
*AFS/LAS 251 Mus of the Afr Diaspora
AFS/MUS 318 Africana Music
AFS 262 Africa: Fiction, Hist, Memory
AFS 321 Franco African Women Writers
Anth/WGS/LAS 231 Gender and Change in Afr/Afro-Lat America
Anth 239 African Modernities
Art History 267 The Black Eclectic
Econ 212 African Economic History and Development
*Hist 103 Europe, Africa, and Asia: 1750-1900
**Hist 208 Islamic History 600-1500
Hist 270/370 Topics in African History
**Hist 271 African History and Society to 1880
Hist 272 African History and Society from 1880
Hist 278 History of Islamic Technology
Hist 371 Modern African Environments
Hist 373 History Sub Sahara Af in 20th Cent
Hist 379 US and the Middle East
Music 102 World Music Survey
Phil 240 World Philosophy
Rel 270 Introduction to Islam

One semester of study in Africa

Ancient/Classics Cluster

Course CodeCourse Name
*Art History 201 Arts of Ancient Greece and Rome
Classics 102 Alexander the Great to Cleopatra
Classics 103 Classics of Greek and Latin Literature
Classics 104 Classical Rhetoric & Contemporary Political Discourse
Classics 121 Survey of Greek Civilization
**Classics 122 Survey of Roman Civilization
Classics 125 Introduction of Classical Archaeology
Classics 210 Civilizing the "Barbarians"
Classics 214 Celts: Ancient and Modern
Classics 230/330 Classical Mythology
Classics 237 Death and Burial in Greco-Roman World
Classics 240 Gender & Sexuality in Ancient Greece
Classics 241 The Greek and Roman City
*Classics 251 Greek History
**Classics 255 Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranean World
Classics 252 Roman History
Classics 262/362 Ancient Epic
Classics 264 Ancient Tragedy
Classics 266 Ancient Comedy
Classics 270 Ancient Drama
Classics 280 Constructions of Race & Ethnicity in the Classical World
Classics 320 Imp. Roman and Late Ant. Arch.
Classics 335 Topics in Classics
Classics 345 Inequality in the Ancient World
Phil. 205 Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy
Rel. 204 The Hebrew Scriptures
Rel. 205 Hist, Lit, Rel of New Testament

One semester of study in College Year in Athens, Florence, or Rome

Asian Cluster

Course CodeCourse Name
*Anth. 229 Tourism and Culture in China
Anth. 240 Modernity and Change in Asia and Pacific
Anth. 245 Culture and Politics in the Middle East
***Art History 131 Introduction to Asian Art
**Art History 234 Art of China
Art History 235 Chinese Painting and Aesthetics
Art History 267 TOPIC: Islamic Art and Architecture
**AS 110 Contem. Japanese Culture and Society
**AS 111 Chinese Culture & Society
AS 214 East Asian Cultures and Societies
AS 227 Folktales and Fairy Tales
*AS 229 Tourism and Culture in China
AS 238 Pre-Modern Japanese Literature
AS 247 Extraordinary Fiction in Japan and the World
AS/Theatre 248 Traditional Japanese Theatre
AS 255/355 Coming of Age in East Asian Literature & Film
AS 340 Modernity in Modern Japanese Fiction
AS 341 Genre in Modern Japanese Literature
AS 404 War and Peace in Japanese Lit.: From Genji to Godzilla
Econ. 213 East Asian Economy, History and Development
Cinema Studies 262 Hong Kong Cinema
Cinema Studies 284 Arab Film
*History 103 Europe, Asia, Africa: 1750-1900
**History 208 Islamic History 600-1500
History 220/320 Topics in Asian History
History 221 History of East Asia to 1800
History 222 History of East Asia: 1800-present
*History 223 Modern China
History 224 Modern Japan
History 226 Hist. and Sci. Atomic Bombings Japan
History 278 History of Islamic Technology
History 323 Gender in Modern Japan
**History 325 Tokugawa Japan: 16th-19th Century
History 330 Ottoman Empire: 1300-1923
History 379 US and the Middle East
Music 102 World Music Survey
Phil. 216 Classical Chinese Philosophy
Phil. 240 World Philosophy
**Phil. 366 Zhuangzi
*Pol. Sci. 270 Government and Politics in China
Pol. 273 The Two Koreas
Rel. 210 Buddhist Spiritual Autobiography
Rel. 238 Religion and Politics in the Middle East
Rel. 241 Introduction to Hinduism
**Rel. 244 Introduction to Buddhism
Rel. 247 Introduction to Religions of South Asia
Rel. 248 Religions of China
Rel. 249 Religions of Japan
Rel. 251 Intro to Chinese Classical Thought
Rel. 254 Confucianism
Rel. 270 Introduction to Islam
Rel. 272 Islam in the Modern World
Rel. 358 Islam in South Asia

One semester of study in Asia

European Cluster

Course CodeCourse Name
***Art History 125 Survey of Western Art
*Art History 201 Arts of Ancient Greece and Rome
**Art History 202 Medieval Art
Art History 206 European Painting 1700-1900
Art History 210 20th Century European Painting
Art History 284/IDS 284 Wonders of Nature and Artifice
Art History 303 Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture in Ital.
Art History 306 Michelangelo and the Age of Mannerism
Art History 307 Baroque Art in Europe
**German 231/CIMS231 German Film, Gender, and Culture before the Nazis
*German 265/IDS 264 Antisemitism and Jewish Responses in Lit. & Film
**German 277 German Eco-Fiction from Fairy Tale to Fukushima
History 105 Age of Discovery
History 200/303 Topics in European History
History 216 Modern Russia and the Soviet Union
History 218 Modern Germany
History 311 Medieval Europe
History 313 Renaissance and Reformation
History 314 Early Modern Europe.: 1555-1750
History 316 Transformation in 19th Century Europe
**History 318 Europe 1914-1945
History 319 Europe since 1945
History 416 The Spanish Inquisition
IDS 104 Literary Foundations of Western Culture
Italian 230 Topics in Italian Culture
Italian 235 Monsters, Madness, Mayhem in Mod Ital Lit
Italian 250 Modern Italy: 1860-present
*Italian 260 Italian Culture
Italian 270 Italian Women Writers in the 20th Century
Italian 280 Women and Italian Film
Italian 285 Wartime Italy: Cinema and Novel
Music 101 Listening to Music
Mus_Clas 210 Musicology I
Mus_Clas 211
Musicology II
Phil 206 Medieval and Renaissance European Phil.
Phil 207 Early Modern European Philosophy
Phil 208 Kant and 19th Century European Philosophy
Phil 341 Contemporary Continental Philosophy Greats
**Phil 366 Philosophers: Marx
*Pol 262 European Union Politics
Pol Sci 304 Topics in Comparative Politics
Rel 137 TOPIC: The Reformation

One semester of study in Europe (Does not include Ireland or UK).

Latin America/Caribbean Cluster

Course CodeCourse Name
***AFS 132 Intro to Caribbean Studies
AFS/LAS 236/223 Mapping Caribbean Identities
AFS 274 Globalization and its Discontents: The Caribbean Case
AFS 325 The Haitian Diaspora in Fiction
Anth 231 Gender and Change in Africa and Afro-Latin America
History 206 Spain and the New World
History 260/360 Topics in Latin American History
History 364 Social Difference in Brazilian History
**LAS 140 Introduction to Latin American Studies
*LAS 147 Introduction to Latin American Cultural Studies
LAS/Econ. 214 Latin American Econ. History and Devel.
LAS 220 Topics in Latin American Literature
LAS/WGS 222/221 Latina and Latin American Women’s Lit.
LAS/WGS 231 Gender in Africa/Afro-Latin America
LAS/Anth. 232 Pre-Columbian Civilizations in Mesoamerica
LAS/Anth. 236 Pre-Columbian Civilizations in South America
LAS/Music 251 Music of the Caribbean
*LAS/History 261 Colonial Latin American History
LAS/Soc. 262 Social Development in Latin America
**LAS/History 263/262 Modern Latin American History
LAS/History 264 Brazil
LAS/Soc. 267 Society and Politics in Latin America
**LAS 276 Contemporary Mex. St. and Soc.
LAS 300 Special Topics in Latin American Studies
LAS/Soc. 331 Reinventing Latin American Societies
LAS/History 361 Mexican Revolution
Music 102 World Music Survey
Phil 215 Latin American/Caribbean Philosophy
*Rel. 226 Native American Religions

One semester of study in Latin America/The Caribbean.