Mission, Principles & Goals

College Life Division Mission Statement

The College Life Division provides outstanding support for students’ personal and interpersonal growth, development, and learning.

College Life Division Core Principles

  • A comprehensive co-curricular learning experience is an important element of Gettysburg’s strength in the market among top liberal arts colleges.
  • Student engagement is essential in creating a high quality student experience. Experiential programs provide an excellent opportunity for engaged student learning.
  • A diverse community enriches the student experience and supporting underrepresented students strengthens and builds this community.
  • College Life programs will be benchmarked against the work of our peers, yet distinctively “Gettysburg” in their design and delivery.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement of programs and services through use of standards, best practices, and assessment.
  • We aim to increase our connections with and outreach to parents and alumni of the College.
  • We are committed to collaboration, professionalism, and innovation in all aspects of our work.
  • We are committed to hiring the very best staff available who share these commitments, and to ongoing professional development, individually and collectively.

College Life Division Strategic Goals

Consistent with the College Life Division Mission Statement and Core Principles, College Life has developed a set of four strategic goals outlined below. The focus of our work and interaction with students through our various programs and initiatives will be aligned under these priorities. These goals are an extension and reflection of the strategic directions identified by Gettysburg College.

The Division of College Life will build and maintain programs, policies and services that:

  • Goal 1: Provide for the well-being and safety of all students.
  • Goal 2: Provide a high quality student social and residential experience.
  • Goal 3: Develop a strong and distinctive co-curricular student learning experience.
  • Goal 4: Support an increasingly diverse student body.