Our Approach To Care


We understand that the mental health and wellness needs of our students are varied and ever-changing. As a result, we offer students a wide variety of options for support. Our services help students identify and address their individual mental health and wellness needs utilizing the most effective strategies and current practices while prioritizing personal growth and autonomy.

We Believe:

  • Students desire autonomy and are capable of managing their own health and wellbeing. We use a strengths-based approach to support student agency, growth and resilience that prioritizes the least intensive but most effective strategies.
  • Students benefit from utilizing the vast services and supports available across campus. Not every difficulty requires therapy or mental health treatment. We help connect students to a wide range of supports, including self-help resources, natural support systems, peer led programs, affinity groups, religious spaces, medical services, and more.
  • Students should have timely access to care. It takes courage to ask for help and when a student reaches out they put their trust in us. We honor that with prompt responses and by removing barriers to services wherever possible. 
  • Different individuals require different services. We individualize our support plans in response to the unique and specific needs of each individual student.
  • Providing the right support depends on monitoring outcomes. We work closely with our students to monitor progress. The type and intensity of support is adjusted as needed, based on the student’s changing needs.