PEEPS: Peers Educating and Encouraging Peers to Succeed

What is the mission of the PEEPS program?

The Peers Educating and Encouraging Peers to Succeed (PEEPS) program is designed to increase awareness and reduce stigma related to mental health amongst college students. The PEEPS program strives to create a healthy campus culture and provides peer to peer support in order to increase student connectedness, academic success and emotional wellness.

Who are the peer educators (PEEPS)?

Peers Educating and Encouraging Peers to Succeed (PEEPS) are your classmate, your teammate, your fraternity brother, your sorority sister, your club leader and more. Most importantly, they are also undergraduate students who are living the college experience. Our peer educators are uniquely positioned to help you adjust to college and succeed.

Our peer educators (PEEPS) are all Certified Peer Educators (CPEs) which means they have completed training in helping peers make desired behavior change, how to be a good listener, response and referral skills, how to take action and intervene as well as recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusivity. They have training in facilitation and self-care. They maintain a deep understanding of how critical it is to maintain your privacy when working with a PEEP.

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