Return from Wellness Leave of Absence Process

We are glad that you are thinking about returning to Gettysburg College after your Wellness Leave of Absence. A wellness leave of absence typically requires the student's absence from the college for at least one complete regular semester before consideration will be given for return. This is intended to allow the student adequate time to address the issues that necessitated the wellness leave of absence. We are here to assist you through the return process. Your return process should be driven by you, rather than your parents or other representatives.

Our objective is to ascertain if you have taken ample time to regain your health and that you are prepared to once again take on the rigors of residential study. We are looking for you to demonstrate that you understand the issues that led you to leave the College and that you have addressed/resolved these issues. Customarily, this process involves receiving psychological and/or psychiatric care while you are away from the College. If you decline such services, you must discuss your situation with the Director of Counseling and Wellness at the outset of your leave and receive approval at that point for an alternative plan. The decision about your return date depends on careful review of all available information and expertise, including information and recommendations from your care providers. 

We will be communicating with you via email. Please be sure to check your email regularly. If you have any questions, please call Counseling and Wellness Services at 717-337-6960.

Next Steps

IMPORTANT: Pay careful attention to the timeline below. Not completing these steps by the dates indicated may compromise your ability to return in a timely way. 

Within the first month of your leave:

  1. If you have not done so already, please notify the The Center for Student Success of your intent to return to the college.
  2. Contact Counseling and Wellness Services via email ( to notify us when you plan to return. This can always change, but to ensure you have ample time to complete the necessary steps in preparation for your return, the sooner we know, the better.

Once we receive notification of your requested return semester:

  1. Counseling and Wellness Services will send the necessary paperwork to begin the return process.
  2. All return paperwork must be completed and submitted by June 1 for a fall semester return, and by December 1 for the spring semester. Please note that you must receive approval/clearance from the Executive Director of Counseling and Wellness Services before you can register for classes. It is, therefore, imperative that all required materials are submitted in a timely manner.
  3. Once all paperwork is received, the Executive Director of Counseling and Wellness will schedule a virtual meeting with you to review all materials & to prepare your re-entry plan with you. 
  4. If you are on a College-Initiated Wellness Leave, please note that completion of these steps does not guarantee your return in the following semester.