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Gettysburg College Dining Services Mission Statement

The mission of Dining Services at Gettysburg College is to steadfastly deliver food and beverages characterized by outstanding quality, nutritional value, and wholesomeness to both the college community and guests. This is achieved through the preparation and service of meals by a courteous and cooperative staff in facilities that uphold the utmost standards of cleanliness. Additionally, our commitment extends to aligning with the strategic directions of Gettysburg College while responsibly operating within the established financial parameters.

Dining Services supports the statement that Gettysburg College is a residential campus, committed to developing an active community of scholars and we believe that a residential college is the most effective means of promoting the personal interaction between students and between student and professor. This is grounded in the principle that a major feature of living at a residential college is table sharing and affording our students as many opportunities to come together outside the classroom to share experiences and grow as a community.

Dining at Gettysburg College

Drone view of the Bullet Hole and Dining Center

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Dining Services
Campus Box 440
300 N. Washington Street
Gettysburg, PA 17325




Recent Awards

2024 - #12 Best Campus Food in the Country - Princeton Review

2024 - #7 Best College Food in Pennsylvania - NICHE

2024 - #200 Best College Food in America - NICHE

2024 - Silver Award for Residential Special Event of the Year - NACUFS

Previous Awards

2023 - #15 Best Campus Food - Princeton Review
2021 - #9 Best Campus Food - Princeton Review
2020 - #11 Best Campus Food - Princeton Review
2019 - #13 Best Campus Food - Princeton Review
2019 - #1 Best College Food in PA - NICHE
2018 - #12 Best Campus Food - Princeton Review
2018 - #3 Best College Food in PA - NICHE
2013-2017 Excellence in Food Safety Award

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