Workers’ Compensation

Injured Employee Instructions

If you are injured on the job, please report the incident to your supervisor or Human Resources within 12 hours of the occurrence. All injuries, no matter how slight, need to be reported so a claim can be submitted to our Workers Compensation insurance carrier. Failure to notify us can result in the delay or denial of your claim. The three forms listed below can be printed and faxed to HR (717-337-6624) if your supervisor is not available to take your information.

Gettysburg College has established a panel of health care providers to use if you have an on-the-job injury that requires medical attention. It is required that you select a provider from this workers compensation panel for the first 90 days after your initial visit for medical attention. After 90 days, you can continue to see any provider within the panel, or choose another medical provider not listed on our panel. Of course, if your condition requires emergency treatment, please go to the nearest emergency facility, and then schedule any follow-up treatment with a designated provider from the panel.

WC Panel Provider List (PDF)

Supervisor Information

When an employee notifies you of a workers compensation injury, please have them complete the three notification forms, listed above, and review details regarding the incident with them. Ensure all necessary areas of the report have been completed, including where this incident happened, and if there were any witnesses. These completed forms may be dropped off in the HR office, or faxed to the HR office (717-337-6624) within 12 hours of the occurrence.

If there are any questions regarding the incident or the reporting process, please reach out to the HR office by calling either 717-337-6202 or 717-337-6069 to speak with a member of the HR office staff.