Reimbursements to employees


The College reimburses employees for ordinary and necessary business expenses incurred while acting on behalf of the College. Under the College's accountable plan, reimbursement is made for actual expenses. Per diem allowances are not utilized.

Reimbursements made under an accountable plan are excludable from gross income when a business connection exists, substantiated (receipt is provided and date, time, place and business purpose of expense is noted), and reimbursement request is submitted within reasonable period of time (generally within 30 days of when the expense is incurred). Incomplete or unsubstantiated expense reimbursement request may not be eligible for reimbursement and/or may be considered taxable income to the recipient.

Request a Reimbursement

A completed and approved Employee Reimbursement Form is required for a payment to be issued. Allow 7-10 business days for a check or direct deposit to be issued. Direct deposit instructions are on the back of the form.


Employee Reimbursement form filled out completely.

  • Original receipts as received from the vendor identifying the vendor or supplier, the amount, and date.
    • Photocopies or receipts, credit card statements and cancelled checks do not meet IRS substantiation requirements.
    • If a transaction is less than $25 for gratuity or taxi service or less than $75 for all other items, and a receipt is difficult to obtain, it is allowable to explain the expense and why the receipt is unavailable.
  • Business purpose for the expenditure
  • Identity and business relationship of others participating in the event (e.g. entertainment, business meals, etc.)
  • Foreign expenses must be converted to US currency. See Foreign Transactions below for additional details.


Employee receiving the reimbursement must sign the Employee Reimbursement Form. The employee’s supervisor, chair, or dean must authorize/approve the reimbursement.