The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center is located on the first floor of Apple Hall. Our space includes our office, library, comfortable hang out space, study area, and full kitchen. The space can be reserved for groups or departments hosting events or meetings that reflect the mission of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center. All requests to reserve the space must be submitted through 25Live for processing and are subject to approval.

The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center team consists of one full-time Director, and a student staff of both Program Coordinators and Office Assistants. Our mission is to ensure that every single member of the Gettysburg College campus community has access to learning more about gender and sexuality on campus. We strive to establish a culture of support on campus, for every person to feel safe and empowered to be their authentic selves. Through our programming all over campus and within the Resource Center, we create learning spaces to promote growth and progress through ongoing dialogue about identity. Through this learning, we pose the challenge of reflecting internally to understand each individuals’ unique identity-based advantages and disadvantages in society, as well as actively listening to the experiences of others around us. In doing so, our mission is to continuously promote a better understanding of how to advocate for and support underrepresented individuals and communities. Overall, the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center serves as a space to find community, support, advocacy, resources, learning, and celebration of identity.