Grants Guidebook

The Gettysburg College Grants Guidebook is a resource for faculty and administrators who are seeking, or have received, grants and fellowships from external sources. The guidebook is organized around three distinct activities: Pre-Award, Post-Award and Federal Compliance.

          • Pre-Award
          • This represents the entire process that leads up to submitting your proposal. Including identifying and developing proposal ideas, building relationships with funders, funding opportunities, interpreting guidelines, drafting and finalizing the proposal, gathering the necessary supporting documentation and letters of support, and securing any internal required approval (e.g. the Proposal Processing form).
          • Create a Budget
          • This is the actual dollars and cents of what your grant project will cost during the life of the grant. It can include personnel, equipment, supplies, travel, and more. Many funders vary in what they allow and do not allow to be included. It is always important to start with the funder's guidelines and consider the College's guidelines as you develop your budget.
          • Post-Award
          • After celebrating that your project was selected for funding, this is when the work really begins! As a project leader, you lead the way on the work, spending and programmatic reporting. But the College Grants team is here to support you when you have questions, monitoring the budget use, and financial reporting.
          • Compliance
          • Rule following at its best! The College Grants office is here to make sure that the work performed, and those performing it, are compliant with the funder's requirements, as well as those of the College and relevant agencies.

We understand that faculty and administrators have significant time commitments and therefore time to apply for and monitor a grant may be limited. This guidebook is intended to support you in developing a competitive grant proposal and to ease the burden in administrating a grant. In addition, multiple offices work collaboratively to support your grant activities and that support is coordinated through the College Grants Office.