Policies and procedures

Note: The College has required all students, given the congregate setting for which they live and learn, to be vaccinated for the 2021-22 academic year. Employees are highly encouraged to likewise be vaccinated for COVID-19. Gettysburg College is monitoring the pandemic closely and remains in discussion with our medical consultants about fall semester plans. See Official COVID-19 Messages for details.

Immunization policy

It is the policy of Gettysburg College and the Health Service to help protect students from unwanted and potentially fatal diseases that might otherwise be preventable. In turn it is the policy of the College Health Services to advise students about vaccine preventable diseases following the recommended guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and the American College Health Association.

The policy is as follows:

All first year and transfer students provide a health history and immunization record prior to arrival on campus. The health service staff reviews that information for completeness and contacts students who fall out of the recommendations. Student may opt out of the immunization policy for reasons of allergy to the immunization vaccine, religious or philosophical reasons. Non-medical reasons are followed up with a letter stating the added risk to self or others for not being immunized and if the non-vaccinated person becomes a risk source to the campus they may be asked to leave until such time as the risk is passed.

For first year and transfer students:

Welcome to Gettysburg College! You must read and comply with the Gettysburg College health requirements in order to move on to campus, attend class, and participate in intercollegiate athletics. Medical information is kept confidential for use by the Health and Counseling Services.

Gettysburg College’s Health and Counseling Services has recently implemented an Electronic Health Record (EHR) through Medicat. One of the many features of Medicat is its Patient Portal which will provide a secure entry point for you to find the necessary forms that need to be printed and completed by your medical provider, complete the necessary online forms, and to upload completed forms and documentation as well as provide ongoing communications with you regarding your health and well-being throughout your career at Gettysburg College.

Please follow the instructions on your First Year Dashboard to complete your health history, enter your immunizations and upload your health and immunizations forms when completed by your physician through the Medicat patient portal.

Class registration and participation in intercollegiate sports will be in jeopardy until all medical information is complete, received and reviewed by the Student Health Service.

Please note: The immunization record is to be completed and signed by your health care provider. The immunization record must be current to meet our immunization requirements.

The Student Health and Counseling Services welcome the first year class and transfer students to our campus community. For further information about Health and Counseling Services, please visit the College website. You may also contact the Student Health Service at (717) 337-4105 or the Counseling Service for counseling/psychological questions or concerns at (717)337-6960 - Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Class absence notes

The Health Services does not provide absentee notes for missed classes. Students requesting notes for class absences are requested to speak directly with their Professors regarding missed time.

For any extended absence either on or off campus, the Health Service will notify The Center for Student Success who will in turn notify the Professors involved with that particular student.

AIDS policy

The policy of Gettysburg College on AIDS is based upon the concern for the welfare of the individual as well as the welfare of the total campus community. Gettysburg College assumes that persons who are, or who believe that they are, at risk concerning AIDS will want to take steps to protect their own health and to protect the welfare of the College community. The College will provide ongoing education regarding the disease process and the reduction of high-risk behavior to prevent the spread of AIDS.

The College will not discriminate in enrollment or employment against students or employees with AIDS or students or employees who test positive for HIV antibody. The College will not require testing for HIV antibody prior to enrollment or employment. A student or employee will not be barred from participation in campus activities or employment except on the basis of expert medical advice. Self-reporting to the Director of Student Health Services is urged. Confidentiality will be maintained.

Kathy Bradley, Ph.D.

Ayla Braley, CRNP, Director of Health Services by Wellspan