Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistant Program is Provided by WELLSPAN.

To learn about WELLSPAN Employee Assistance Program, please visit www.wellspaneap.org

Purpose: In recognition that everyone occasionally experiences problems that are difficult to manage without assistance, Gettysburg College provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for use by employees.

Participation in the EAP does not jeopardize job security or career opportunities. Likewise, participation does not exempt employees from their normal job requirements nor does it allow exceptions to standard work practices and policies.

EAP Services: The EAP is available to provide regular full-time employees assistance with such problems as depression, marital and family issues, grief, drug and alcohol problems, job-related stress, financial difficulties, and other personal matters. All regular full-time employees, regardless of performance, are eligible.

Gettysburg College agrees to pay up to three visits/evaluations for all regular full-time employees, and to provide a referral list of practitioners in specific fields of expertise.

Depending on the situation, the initial evaluation may be a supervisory referral or a self-referral.

After the first three evaluations, paid for by Gettysburg College, the cost of any continued treatment is transferred to the employee's health insurance. Gettysburg College does not make the determination of what treatment is covered or the percentage of costs covered by the insurance company.

Gettysburg College will provide employees up to a 30-day paid leave for inpatient treatment if the appropriate physician deems an inpatient stay necessary. This time will not be counted towards the employee's short-term disability leave.

Confidentiality: All information relating to an employee's EAP participation is strictly confidential. Only the EAP provider maintains EAP records. The EAP provider does not release specific information about an employee's use of EAP services, unless the employee gives their advance written consent. Statistical data, such as gender, age, and dates of use, are provided to the employer by the EAP. This information is generic in nature and no names or other identifying statistics are provided. The data are provided to Gettysburg College so it can effectively evaluate the EAP's effectiveness.

In the case of a supervisory referral, an authorized Gettysburg College agent is provided with only the following information: Whether the employee has contacted the EAP and kept scheduled appointments; and when the counseling or treatment is terminated.  All other details of the employee's treatment are confidential. Generally, only the EAP keeps information regarding the employee's assessment and treatment. In the case of supervisory referrals, the agent for Gettysburg College might have reason to record information regarding the referral and its relationship to a corrective action plan. In such cases, the information related to the EAP referral must be kept in a separate confidential file established by the agent or the Human Resources Office.

For additional information concerning EAP and/or leave associated with the EAP, please contact the Human Resources Office.

For Comprehensive Assistance, call 1-866-227-6527, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30PM (EST).

For Critical Situations, call 1-800-673-2496, anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You may also visit their website at: www.wellspaneap.org