Performance Appraisals

The performance appraisal process with Gettysburg College serves a variety of purposes. The process is expected to serve as a means to: enhance the working relationship between employee and supervisor, to provide a report of performance for the employee and supervisor, provide supervisors with information concerning performance when considering employees for promotions or transfer, and, most importantly, to provide feedback on how each employee enhances the college experience for our students.

Your first interaction with your supervisor concerning your performance will come during your initial probationary period. Your supervisor will provide you with feedback on your performance during this time.

After this period, you and your supervisor will work together on an annual or bi-annual basis to identify goals for your next evaluation period. At the end of this appraisal period, you and your supervisor will meet to review and document your performance.

If, during any period of employment, performance declines to an unacceptable level, supervisors have a responsibility to place employees “on probation”. During such probationary periods, supervisors will determine whether to continue an employees' employment relationship with the college.

The following forms are available in PDF to print out and return to Human Resources whenever indicated.

Administrative Yearly Performance Evaluation

Support Staff Yearly Performance Evaluation