Fact of the Week

The Office of Institutional Analysis started the weekly (i. e., every Thursday) posting of the "Gettysburg College Fact of the Week" on the Digests on March 24, 2022. These postings highlight important statistics about the College (and sometimes peer comparisons).  Some of the data points are from our Fact Book; some are not. For those already in the Fact Book, Fact of the Week provides more contextual info. 

The purposes of this new initiative are: 

  • to promote awareness of various data resources and institutional research;
  • to expand knowledge of our institutional characteristics and student experience at the College; and 
  • to support data-informed conversations and to help enhance student experience.

Displayed below are all the previous postings. Please view them on a desktop or laptop. (Some of the postings contain tables; tables with multiple columns are not scrollable at this point--The column(s) on the right of a table may not be entirely visible on a mobile device.) 

For questions, please contact Suhua Dong, Director of Institutional Analysis, at sdong@gettysburg.edu.