Campus Teaching Partners

It is intended to provide links to organizations and offices on campus that can serve as learning partners for faculty.

Center for Public Service (CPS)

Community-Based Learning (CBL)

Community-based learning (CBL) is a pedagogical model that connects classroom-based work with meaningful community involvement and exchange. Within the context of equitable partnership, community organizations and students mutually benefit from the CBL experience both by meeting course objectives and addressing community-identified goals. The Center for Public Service can help faculty members implement this pedagogy through assistance with partnership development, resources to develop syllabi, funding, and ongoing support for community-based activities. Email

Center for Global Education (CGE)

Educational Technology

Musselman Library

Musselman Library is committed to providing collaborations that support our students in multiple ways. Librarians can offer their expertise by partnering with faculty to infuse information literacy concepts throughout a course, design and facilitate Digital Humanities projects, reduce the costs of required course materials, and introduce classes to primary source materials from Special Collections & College Archives.

Garthwait Leadership Center

Our mission at the Garthwait Leadership Center (GLC) is to empower Gettysburg students, employees, and young alumni to lead ethically and effectively. Through our expertise in facilitation, coaching, and outdoor experiential learning, we offer a wide variety of engagement offerings to help learners discover their authentic self and develop the skills to work collaboratively with others towards positive change. 

Specifically, we partner with faculty to design classroom, fourth hour, and co-curricular experiences to complement course learning goals and student needs. Here are specific ways we can help:

  • Co-design a workshop for your class focused on personal leadership development. This may include helping students identify their strengths, practice effective communication/speaking skills, or set personal learning goals.
  • Co-design a workshop that meets the need of the class as a group. These workshops can occur in your classroom, outdoors, or on the Challenge Course. This may include how to lead to more successful group projects, developing psychological safety in the classroom, or exploring intercultural communication through an experiential simulation. Our full-time, professional staff can also serve as third-party facilitators to assist in leading difficult dialogues. 
  • Co-design an outdoor experience that can incorporate any of the above individual or group level outcomes. This may include a day hike or an overnight backpacking experience in the Michaux State Forest where students can build relationships, practice collaboration skills, or engage in creative problem solving in a new environment.

If you are interested in partnering with the GLC, please contact or stop by our office in CUB 202. We value inclusion, purposeful design, and collaborative partnerships, thus it may take multiple conversations and ample prep time to meet your goals. We also seek to include our student leaders as facilitators if possible. Please reach out at least 2-3 weeks in advance to account for our partnership work.