Ethics and Integrity Program and Statement of Ethical Behavior

Policies and Quick Reference.

Gettysburg College is committed to operating with integrity and in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws, regulations and policies. Additionally, all employees are expected to always conduct themselves honestly and with a high degree of personal integrity. The mutual respect and collegiality that is gained as a result of adherence to these high standards encourages a positive and productive work environment. This not only involves sincere respect for the rights and feelings of others but also requires that employees refrain from behavior that might be harmful to themselves, their coworkers and the College or might be viewed unfavorably by the public in both their professional and personal lives. To maintain the integrity of Gettysburg College and to protect the rights of its employees, its students, and the College itself, employees are expected to conduct themselves honestly, professionally, and ethically at all times.

This website is intended to serve as a resource for members of the Gettysburg College community who need to locate various official College policies. The categories are intended to assist you in locating the correct policy.

Ethics and Integrity Program

Policy areas

Board-approved policies


Alcohol, drugs and safety


Confidentiality and information security

Copyright and other intellectual property issues

Disability accommodation

Discrimination, harassment and retaliation

Commitment to Diversity

Prohibited discrimination, harassment and retaliation

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

General administration



Information technology


Travel (domestic and international)

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (small UAS) also known as drones

Ethics and Integrity Committee members

  • Kristin Stuempfle, Chief of Staff/Strategic Advisor to the President, Ethics and Integrity Officer
  • Kathryn Adams, Director of Financial Aid
  • James Biesecker, Associate Vice President of Facilities Planning and Management
  • Amanda Blaugher, Title IX Coordinator and Director of Civil Rights Compliance and Education
  • Staci Grimes, Director of Digital Marketing
  • Sharon Dayhoff, Senior Director of Financial Services/Controller
  • Elizabeth Farner, Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Gavin Foster, Associate Vice President for Information Technology
  • Dawn Helsing Wolters, Director of College Grants
  • Jennifer Lucas, Executive Director of Human Resources
  • Susan Fumagalli Mahoney, Senior Associate Director of Athletics
  • Nicholas Redman, Director of Advancement Systems
  • Michelle Schmidt, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
  • Alex Wiltz, Executive Director of Campus Safety

Reporting ethics or integrity concerns

Learn about the process for reporting ethics/integrity concerns (PDF).

** The site is intended to be an informational-only clearinghouse for some of the laws, rules, and regulations that may impact our campus.